Quirky Felt Pencil Case – Free sewing patterns


Felt, bright pink, 21cm x 30cmFelt scraps, pale pink, turquoise, golden yellowRibbon, grosgrain, spotty 15mm wide, 45cmButtons, 15mm diameter, coordinating colours x fivePress studs, 11mm diameter x threeEmbroidery thread, white, pink, lime greenSmall piece of card

Dimensions List

10.5cm x 20.5cm (when closed)

Pencil Case

Cut the grosgrain ribbon in half and pin each piece to the short sides of the felt rectangle, close to the edge. Use backstitch or running stitch to secure both edges of ribbon in place, taking care not to stretch the felt as you work.

Turn the felt over so the ribbon is face down and fold over one third of the rectangle. Pin the edges of the fold to form a pouch and sew up each side using a 5mm seam allowance. Turn the pouch right side out and press lightly to flatten the seam.

Fold in the 5mm at either side of the top flap.Make sure the rough ends of the ribbon are tucked into the fold and pin before using a small running stitch along the edges.

Using the templates from the Sew Essentials Pull-Out cut out a body, face and heart shape from felt scraps. Stitch simple features onto the face and then fix this to the centre of the head area with small running stitch. Appliqué the heart onto the centre of the body and add running stitch detail to the arms and skirt. Sew the finished motif to the left side of the flap with running stitch.

Open the flap and mark the centre edge with a pencil. Make two more marks 2cm from each edge. Fix half a press stud to each mark by over sewing three times through each hole in the disc. Close the flap and cover the stitching by sewing a button over the back of the press stud. Sew two more decorative buttons in the spaces between if desired.

Close the flap and carefully lift each press stud a little so you can mark the position on the pouch part of the case with a pencil. Sew the other half of the press stud in place by putting one hand inside the pouch while oversewing through the holes in the disc as before.

Cut a 2cm square of sturdy card and wrap white embroidery thread around it five times. Hold the ends of the tassel thread while using a needle and thread to pass a second thread under the loops and tie this tightly to secure.

Slide the loops off the card and use the leftover thread from the knot to stitch the tassel to one side of the head. Hold the end of the secured tassel and wrap a brightly coloured thread around the neck of it several times knot tightly and trim the ends before clipping the loops of the tassel and trimming neatly.

Bonus Make

Try another idea – Make a dinky keyring by creating the characher motif as before. Cut a second body piece to form the back and pin the decorated figure to this, incorporating a loop of ribbon at the head. Stitch most the way round the shape, stuff a little wadding into the figure before closing the gap. Add the tassels to the head and fit a large split ring onto the ribbon loop.