Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon – 10 Reason Why They Are Better

Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon - 10 Reason Why They Are Better

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Their popularity is because of the reason that they are versatile and safe and no parents needs to worry when their child is playing with it. This little red wagon is not only popular to kids big and small, but they are super for adults especially in their yard projects, a super utility cart to carry heavy loads to ease their burden.

The Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon is beautiful in red, and with 100 years of heritage they have given a lot of people sweet memories of their childhood. The wagon as said is popular for one good reason, they are strong and sturdy and personally my kids grew up with them. I have fond memories of their wagons, many times I see them securely sleeping on the wagon with their daddy pulling them in the park or zoo. Most families will agree that their wagon will have good sweet memories of their kids when they are small.

Like said, every Radio Flyer Little red wagon are built seamless, and would last you a few lifetime if taken good care of. Every one of them is carefully crafted with safety in mind, to ensure that the child will not be in any danger when playing with it. Over the years, the company have made little enhancement to this wagon, to upgrade it to be better for the children. Their best upgrade of the wagon is when they introduce real air filled tires, and with it you can pull the wagon across puddles, mud holes and any bumpy areas easily and smoothly.

This upgrade was only introduce after much research, as the company wishes only the best for their Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon and here are the 10 reasons why they are the best compare to other wagons in the market.

– Higher sides – they are built 50% deeper.

– Real air tires – to make rides less bumpy and very smooth especially across bumpy areas

– Sturdy steel construction made to last a lifetime

– Extra-long handle for easy pulling – could be adjusted according to the child height

– Handle folds under for easy storage – easy to transport in your car boot

– No-pinch ball joint keeps little fingers safe from pinch

– Controlled turning radius prevents tipping – a child could make sudden turn without tipping the wagon

– Suitable for children over age 1 1/2 – 8

– Body size: 36 in x 17.5 in x 6 in – just nice for children young and old

– Wheel size: 10 in x 4 in – sturdy real rubber tires

From the above 10 features of the Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon, you will know why they are the best and sort after even after 100 years.

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