Rag Wreath – Free sewing patterns



Fabric, cotton: white, 1m; festive prints, scrapsFlorist’s moss or polystyrene ringBeads: glass, coordinating, 36; seed, pearl, 36Pinking shearsPins

Dimensions List


Make a wreath

Tear several long strips of white cotton, making sure each piece is 3cm wide. Prepare a florist’s moss or polystyrene ring by winding the lengths around it, overlapping the strips a little with each pass. Add new ones as necessary, securing them with a few small stitches on the back of the ring.

Create more cotton strips, which are 2cm wide and 26cm long. Tie these tightly around the ring, ensuring the knots are positioned randomly so the entire front section of the ring is covered.

Using pinking shears, cut printed cotton scraps into 2.5cm x 10cm pieces. Tie a knot in the centre of each and arrange them around the ring, securing each one with small stitches.

Group a selection of colourful glass beads into 12 sets of three. Pin each set to the ring in clusters, using a small seed bead or pearl on the pin first to prevent larger beads falling off. Stitch a loop of printed fabric to the back for hanging.