Rate Yourself As a Wife

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As a wife you need to answer the following questions sincerely. Answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the below questions. It will help you to renew your marriage. Be truthful to yourself, it is good for your home.

1. You’ve not told him “I love you” for the past one month?

2. You argue with your husband?

3. You insulted or cursed him at least once?

4. You only give him sex when you feel like?

5. You’ve not bought a gift for him in the last three months?

6. You fight regularly about sex?

7. You engaged in fighting his mother?

8. You love your family more than his?

9. You only know how to prepare your local food?

10. You find it easier to confide in your friends?

11. You do nothing to celebrate his last birthday?

12. You are closer to your mother than him?

13. You don’t enjoy his company?

14. You have not prayed for him today?

15. You attend different churches?

16. You do keep malice with him?

17. You do not talk to him intimately?

18. He doesn’t know how much you earn?

19. You wish you are married to someone else?

20. You do take revenge when he offends you?

21. You keep secrets from him?

22. You hate sex?

23. You love it when he travels?

24. You don’t have him in mind when you are dressing up?

25. You have not prayed together in the last one week?

26. You do disrespect him when you are angry?

27. You love your children more than him?

28. You do report him to friends and family members?

29. You have not listened to any marriage tapes in the last three months?

30. You have not invited him for sex in the last six months?

31. You give him cold sex; no response, no movement?

32. You respect your pastor more than him?

33. You’ve not eaten together in the last one week?

34. You do feel at home when he is not at home?

35. You do stop cooking for him when you are angry?

36. You’ve fought him publicly at least once?

37. You abuse or fought him before visitors and children?

38. You do not know the size of his shoe?

39. You’ve never had bath together?

40. You don’t crack jokes together?

41. You know you are stubborn?

42. He is not your hero or mentor?

43. If you were to remarry you will not marry him?

44. You have not told him any romantic words in the last one month?

45. You are not too close?

46. You don’t know the size of his shirt?

47. He complains about how dirty the house looks like?

48. You blame him for the state of your marriage?

49. You don’t pray regularly about your marriage; your love and sex life?

50. You don’t respect him?

Now rate yourself, what kind of wife are you? If your answer is ‘YES’ to the majority of the questions above, then something is wrong with you. It is like this; if you only have: 10 ‘Yes’ and below – Great wife (Grade ‘A’ Wives)

11-15 ‘Yes’ – Good wife (Grade ‘B’ Wives)

16-20 ‘Yes’ – Average wife (Grade ‘C’ Wives)

21-30 ‘Yes’ – Bad wife (Grade ‘D’ Wives).

write by Amelinda

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