Reasons Why You Need a Pair of Cufflinks

Reasons Why You Need a Pair of Cufflinks

Reasons Why You Need a Pair of Cufflinksblack t shirt

Most men typically associate cufflinks with the nobility and the elite that is why they always shy away from cufflinks because wearing cufflinks make them look “stuffy.” This is actually the contrary. Cufflinks do not make you stuffy but make you elegant and sophisticated. It gives you the GQ air that most women look for in every guy that they meet. If you don’t own any pair of cufflinks, and does not plan on buying some for yourself, then read on and let this article change your mind.

Here are four good reasons why you need to purchase and wear cufflinks:

1. Chicks dig them. That statement may sound a little overrated but it is entirely true. Women always go for guys who look professional, are actually good looking and do not only sound like a million bucks, but looks like it! Your everyday office suit can make you look “the look” if you wear a handsome pair of cufflinks with them. That’s all you need to jazz up your look plus, of course, the usual French cuff shirts whose cuffs are linked with cufflinks. When you do wear cufflinks, make sure that you ride up and down your building’s elevator during breaks so that every woman can see you and you’ll definitely hear their ooh’s and aah’s whenever you raise your hand to reach for the buttons.

2. It can make you look filthy rich and thus, command respect. All people are equal but some are more equal than others. This statement holds true especially when you are in a restaurant and a wealthy man (or at least he looks like it) enters and while you wait for the next available table, he glides immediately past you to an empty table. You ask the receptionist if he has a reservation and she tells you “no, he has none.” Rich people are always better treated than you. If you wear cufflinks, you not only look wealthy, you look elegant and classy. Of course, not all rich people are sophisticated enough to look like it.

3. You feel like you are James Bond. Everyone wants to be James Bond-to know what every woman wants and have every man want to be you. If you want to feel inches closer to being James Bond, wear your most expensive tuxedo (if you don’t have one, rent one!) and don your tux with the most ultra sleek and stylish cufflinks while you walk around and introducing yourself with your last name before your real name. Wearing cufflinks can make you feel really cool, confident and you leave a trail of sophistication wherever you go.

4. Get the upperhand in job interviews with your elegant look. This is one practical reason why men should wear cufflinks. Wearing them can make you look more professional and that you actually pay particular attention to details-two things that most employers sought for in their potential employees. The saying that first impressions lasts is always true in this particular situation so make sure that you make the perfect impression on first meeting.

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