Recreating the Look of Mod Slim Cut Suits

Recreating the Look of Mod Slim Cut Suits

Recreating the Look of Mod Slim Cut Suitsblack t shirt

MOD Slim Cut Suits: Not Your Dads Suit

The MOD style slim cut suit made it debut in the late 50’s, as sort of a rebellion against the button down status quo of the era. Many of the younger generation wanted something different from the corporate uniform look of a sack suit in flannel charcoal gray, paired with a white houston astros polo and tie, yet still felt the urge to wear a suit. The MOD slim cut was the first time men’s suiting’s changed drastically, from its proportions to its detailing, it was truly revolutionary.

The biggest difference of course came in its fit. Slimmer all the way around it was a stark contrast from the eras “sack suit” cut. The MOD cut gave defined waist suppression and had trousers that were just a hair cropped. it was matched by contrasting details such as slim lapels but wider pocket flaps and pant cuffs. It was an instant classic as it was favored by movie stars and musicians and quickly became the suit cut to wear to make a statement.

Toady’s MOD Slim Cut Suits

Today, the MOD cut suit is still as fashion forward as ever. It still is the suit favored by those who wear suits, not because they have to, but because they want to. Considered as an important part of any stylish mans wardrobe, it is the suit cut for play rather than work. While technology has moved forward creating ever lighter and softer fabrics for the standard work suit, MOD suits require a firmer and heavier fabric to complete the look. Adding the right fabric to the cut is what creates the authentic feel.

  • Start with the right proportions. The signature look of a MOD cut is the cropped length of the jacket and pants. Creating a defined silhouette while still remaining relatively boxy. Look for jackets that are cropped right at the bottom of you seat and pants that are hemmed about 0.5″ inches too short.
  • Slim legs and torso. The cut should have a fitted feel through out the body and legs. Look for flat fronts in the trousers and a high cut arm hole in the jacket.
  • Heavier fabrics like Flannel and Tweed are best but can be difficult to find in an off the rack suit, If a truly authentic look is what you are going for then MOD slim cut custom suits will give you your best chance.
  • Look for matching details. From the lapels to the pocket flaps, complete the look with the right proportions.
  • Match the accessories accordingly. Pair the suit with a slim tie and small collared houston astros polo for the complete effect.

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