Reef Hidden Pocket Stash Thong – The Sandals With a Secret

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If you are like me you like to go to the beach or lake on hot summer days. I can’t seem to soak up enough of the sun and water and I always like to look my best even when I’m swimming and sunning. That’s why I can’t ever leave the house without my Reef hidden pocket stash thong sandals. I just love these shoes and they also hold a little secret. Want to know what it is?

The secret of these shoes is that they have a hidden compartment in the heel for you to hide your goodies in. This compartment is big enough to hold an id or credit card and some emergency cash. I used to hate to have to drag my bag along with me to the beach, and I had to watch it like a hawk so it wouldn’t get stolen. Since I started buying Reef Stash sandals, I just put what I absolutely need in the secret compartment in my shoe. Works like a charm.

The shoes that I am referring to here is actually called the Reef Stash 2 sandals, but my friends and I refer to them as the hidden pocket stash thongs. They are not only handy at the beach, but we also like to wear them to outdoor concerts, fairs and other summer activities where we don’t want to have to carry our purses around with us all day.

These sandals are also high on my comfort list. You can walk all day in these shoes because the soft jersey lining and the anatomical padded footbed makes your feet feel good all day. The Stash 2 comes in three stylish colors which are brown/pink, black/white and white/blue. Now you know the secret of the Reef hidden pocket stash thong.

write by Isolde

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