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Are you looking for table tennis clips? The internet is a great source of online stores where you could buy International Table Tennis Federation approved table tennis products and accessories. You can find in the internet a variety of clips like the Stiga Clipper Net and Post Set which packages quality table tennis nets and posts.

Another great set is the Dunlop Easyclip Table Tennis Net and Post Set. This set is an easy assembly set and can be quickly set up on the table. There are a lot of clippers, net and post sets that have easy to assemble features which makes them quite perfect for venues like in schools, sports centers, and table tennis clubs.

Other well known brands include the Donic clips, Tibhar, Joola, DHS, TMS and Andro. Most of these brand names offer other table tennis equipment aside from the nets, clips and posts. Joola for example have Anti-Topspin, Antispin Long Pips, Antispin Soft paddles.

Like what have been mentioned earlier, you can practically find everything online. Online sports stores offer great discounts and will give you a great choice of reputable brand names. Just browse the product catalogues of various online stores and chances are you’ll get what you need.

Aside from table tennis clips and nets one needs tables that are regulation size. The ITTF sets that standard of a table to dimensions of 274 cm × 152.5 cm × 76 cm high. The playing area also set to an area 14m long by 7m wide and 5m high.

The ITTF finds it restrictive to allow players to play in an area less than that. The area would be too small and players will not be able to move freely. Tables are either painted green or dark blue, some tables are painted black.

The standard table tennis balls weigh only a mere 2.7 gram. The 40 mm diameter ball is basically hollow. Originally the size of the ball was 38 mm in diameter. The standard ball size was changed at the 2003 World Table Tennis Championship.

The regulation size table tennis ball is made of a high-bouncing hollow celluloid ball. The color of the balls is either white or orange depending on the color of the table.

Paddles or rackets are about 10 inches long. Paddles have a thin layer of rubber and a sort of sponge in between which allows players to give the ball ample speed and spin. Both sides of the paddle have the layer or rubber and sponge. Table tennis manufacturers have been creating various types of rubber material which will help maximize the athletes’ playing capabilities.

The right combination of materials enhances playing performance. Aside from rubber, manufacturers are now using materials like kevlar, arylate, titanium, aluminum and aramid.

Another equally important aspect of the table tennis equipment and accessory is the grip of the shoe. Grip is important, if you slide too much the player is in danger of sliding all the way if the grip is too much the player’s movement will be heavily restricted.

Sometimes, however, the floor is too slippery or too rough. That is why some athletes, the serious ones it seem, have several pairs of shoes to help them compensate varying floor conditions.

It would be best to get specific information on product reviews to ensure that what you will be buying is the thing that you really need.

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