Remember When All Those Other MLM Companies Were Going to Fail, But They Didn’t?

Remember When All Those Other MLM Companies Were Going to Fail, But They Didn't?

Remember When All Those Other MLM Companies Were Going to Fail, But They Didn't?black t shirt

Let’s go back in time and look at some of the other MLM companies that were supposedly scams and flops.  It’s about time that we all stopped to take a look at the core principles of these companies.  Why were they started and what were these entrepreneurial owners trying to bring to the public?  Did anyone make money besides the owners?  We all know that people did, and still do.  So step back in history with me on this brief journey, won’t you?

Back in 1959 people were saying that AMWAY was a scam, full of dishonest people running around with deception written all over their faces. Well, Rich DeVoss and the late Jay Van Andel came up with this brilliant idea to become the “door-to-door Dime store”.  They would sell anything from detergent to car cleaners and cosmetics. WOW! What a concept back then. Who knew then that DeVoss would become a Billionaire and own an NBA Franchise – the Orlando Magic,  just by selling day to day stuff a tad cheaper than the retail stores and battling the “Giants” out there like P & G. Did you know?

Why heavens no you didn’t know! Unless you stepped out of the crowd and stood strong and stayed on course. They went against the grain and back again, swam up the river and not down it like everyone else.

They listened to all the jeers from all the people who were a bunch of nay-sayers standing on the sidelines, booing them, with little cheering going on….just like a home game for the Boston Red Sox when the Yankees came to town.(That’s what it was like back then, and still to this day.)

Mostly there were people trying to tear them down and break their spirits of what they had dreamed about and their vision that they had in there heads. Who would have known that 50 years later they would stand tall and strong as the #1 MLM business in the industry still to this day.

Rounding out our top 5 are:

1) AMYWAY – written above.

2) Herbalife – Vitamins and health nutrition. HMM…now that is a concept. or is it? Can you not go buy vitamins and healthy foods at your local supermarket? Sure you can!

3) Mary Kay – Now all you women out there have been to at least one Mary Kay party in your life…if not, you are missing a show! I even went to one to see how they talked and what they did and how they presented themselves. But wait….can you not get all these beauty creams, eye shadow, eye liners, blushes, lipsticks at your local mall?? Sure you can!

4) Pampered Chef – one of my favorites! Cookware, Kitchen utensil’s, plates, mugs, you name it….they have it. But wait….what makes them so special?? Can you not get the same type of equipment and cookware, along with utensil’s at other Brand name stores out there? Maybe, its because Warren Buffet bought the controlling rights to this company? Why follow him? Just because he is a Billionaire, doesn’t mean you would become one too; or would it?

5) Mona*vie – The fastest growing juice, yes I said juice company in the world today. With some of the biggest millionaires in the MLM industry. What makes their juice so special? Let me give you a little hint: ACAI BERRIES. Hmm, now that is quite different from the other 4 companies, yet nutritional like Herbalife.

Gang, this is just the top 5 as it stands today. What will the top 5 be say in 5,10,15 years from now? I know one thing, no one knows. Every one of the “experts” out in the field can twist and turn and make any company sound like the worst MLM company in the world. Yet, as you see from just this very short list of the top 5… how cream rises to the top.

So, I ask you why are you bashing and banging on MLM companies? Or why are you on their band wagon?

Here is my tid bit on these two questions. All the ‘bashers’ are the ones scared to step out and stand up for something, afraid that someone will make fun of them and they would lose their dignity. They hide behind their friends and make fun of their “best” friends behind their backs. They are also the ones that have seen countless and countless people fail, because of poor leadership. It’s not those people’s fault that things did not turn right. It was the leadership they had…..they didn’t have any!! So, the ‘bashers’ continually bashed to make themselves feel better. BULLIES!

Look at the world today folks…..look at all the Bank failures, the foreclosures, the hungry, the needy that are out there today. Everyone seems to have an opinion on whatever is going on in our society today, but no one was saying anything when everyone was making FAT bonuses off the common people. Yet, people today bash more on MLM companies than they do on what is going on in our society and government.

Now, let’s take a look at the person who decides to step out and be different, be a part of something new. That person wants something that will help them stand out in a crowd. Wait a minute…..that person has failed miserably time after time after time. He or she has lost thousands upon thousands of dollars, and friends along the way. Now he or she stands on an island all by himself or herself. So, what shall he or she do? Quit? Give up? Or do they stay stead fast and learn and watch, and learn some more on how to be honest and be themselves……they learn how to be real. Then that is when the tide starts to change their way and one by one they start telling people about this new product that has been created.

Trust me when I say, there are more new products in production today than ever before that will get out to the public thru MLM marketing….why? It’s cheaper than doing brick and mortar.

Let me also ask…why do they separate the MLM companies from just another brick and mortar company? Are they not made the same? There is a CEO, a few VP’s and a bunch of little people doing all the work for the company (or the so called head guy?) So tell me, who is making all the money at these companies?

Let me ask you…wouldn’t you like to walk in a CEO’s los angeles dodgers sweatshirt and live his lifestyle for a week, a month, say years to come? I know I want to, you know why…..I am here to give back, to help the little guy, to serve and feed the poor not only here in the US, but in other countries like Africa. I will be that guy who shows up on Christmas as a secret Santa. Taking care of people who need that extra hand to carry them thru the hard times. That is why I am driven to be that guy. What drives you??

Folks, the tide has changed! It has already begun, and hardly anyone in this world knows it yet. That is exactly what happen with all the companies that I have talked about so far. Plus, you know what ….there are hundreds of other companies out there trying to do the same.

But, I do believe without a shadow of a doubt, that there is a company that has blended one of the hottest beverages in the market place today. With the greatest ingredients around – ACAI BERRIES, VITAMINS A,C,E. B-12 AND MANY OTHER NUTRIENTS.

Many of the Millionaires that are a part of the companies that I have talked about tonight started early in the business. They took on the mud slingers, they took on there friends and relatives, and all the nay-sayers in the world could not stop the TRUE CORE DESIRE PERSON from SUCCESS!

Folks, if you are not aware, let me help you understand what the energy drink beverage community has done over the last year…..over $6.2 billion in 2008. It’s projected to do over $9 Billion in 2009. All those drinks that have you hopping around like a bunny with your heart pounding out of your chest are making a killing off of you and putting bad ingredients and toxins in your body.

Why not have the same energy with less hopping! Enjoy all the natural ingredients that can help you thru your work day, your workout, running the marathon, baseball, football, and basketball. You name it! You can enjoy the refreshing taste of these wonder drinks anywhere at anytime.

So, I ask….who is stepping out of the crowd today?

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write by Tramaine King

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