Retro Portable Games Console Holder – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: silk dupion, peach, 50cm Fusible interfacing: medium weight, 50cm Lace trim: scallop-edged, 1m Ribbon: grosgrain, mink and ivory, 10mm wide, 16mm wide, 25mm wide, 35mm wide; scallop-edged Buttons: vintage glass, A selection Beads: pearl, a selectio

Dimensions List

Wallet: 23cm x 30cmSleeve: 20cm x 25cm

Make a wallet

Iron medium-weight interfacing to the back of a 1m piece of printed cotton and, using the template on page 82, cut pocket pieces ensuring you transfer the markings onto the fabric. From the remaining fabric backed with interfacing, cut two 24cm x 32cm rectangles for the wallet and two 8cm x 14cm pieces for the pocket flap. Fold the front piece of the wallet in half and press with an iron to mark a centre crease.

From a 50cm sheet of PVC, cut three 6cm x 13.5cm rectangles. Lay one strip 1cm to the right of the centre line of the wallet, 2.5cm down from the top edge. Sew along the two short ends and bottom edge, then stitch two straight lines an even space from the edges to create three pockets. Repeat with the remaining two PVC strips so there is a 1cm space between each.

To make the console pocket, stitch the darts on both pieces and lay the fabrics with right sides together, matching up the darts. Stitch around the edges, 5mm in and leaving a gap for turning. Pull through, press and slip stitch the opening.

Position the pocket on the left-hand side of the wallet, 6.5cm down. Top stitch it into place, along both sides and the base. With right sides facing, sew around the edges of the pocket flap with a 5mm seam allowance, leaving a gap for turning.

Turn out, press and hand sew the gap closed. Stitch the flap into place 3.5cm above the darted pocket. Adhere velcro dots to the top of the pocket and the flap, to complete.

Cut two 50cm lengths of turquoise ribbon and pin one to either side of the main rectangle, 10.5cm from the top edge. Pin the back piece to the front with right sides facing. Machine stitch the edges, leaving a small gap. Pull through, press and handstich the opening.

Stitch a sleeve

Cut one 27cm x 41cm piece of printed cotton, two of interfacing, one of white cotton for the lining and another of buckrum. Press the interfacing to the printed fabric and lining pieces, then stitch the patterned piece to the buckrum, working closely around the outside edge with wrong sides facing.

Fold the printed cotton in half with right sides facing and sew along the side and bottom, using a 1cm seam allowance, then turn out. Repeat with the lining, sewing only the side seam. Pin a looped 30cm length of green spotted ribbon to the side seam of the main fabric, aligning the edges.

Slip the lining over the printed cotton with right sides facing. Match the top seams and stitch together with a 1cm seam allowance. Push the lining inside the sleeve, press and top stitch the seam. To finish, sew the bottom of the lining.