Retro Space Rocket Cushion – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: corduroy, turquoise; cotton, navy and white stripes; cotton, blue spotted, 14cm x 60cm of each; lame, silver, 60cm squareFelt: navy, 16cm square; turquoise, 18cm square; red, 40cm x 60cm Cushion pad, bolster, 15cm x 41cmRibbon, red and white, 50cmRic rac, red, 50cmZip, green, 32cmMirror, shisha, green, one Stuffing, toyFusible webbingInterfacing, lightweightThread, embroidery, whiteButtons, blue, small, four

Dimensions List

48cm long

Stitch a rocket cushion

Cut corduroy fabric to 12.5cm x 50cm, spotted fabric to 13.5cm x 50cm and striped cotton to 13cm x 50cm. Pin the corduroy to the spotted material and machine stitch across the longest edges. Next, pin the spotted fabric to the striped piece and sew. Pin red ribbon across the colour changes and machine stitch into place.

Iron fusible webbing onto the back of navy felt and cut out four 8.5cm diameter circles. Attach fusible webbing to the back of silver lame fabric and cut four 4.5cm diameter circles. Peel the backing from the lame and iron under a handkerchief to the centre of the navy circles.

Peel the backing paper from a navy circle and position it 3.5cm in from the raw edge of the spotted piece, iron under a handkerchief to fix in place. Attach another circle on the opposite side in the same way. Measure 17cm from the raw edge and iron on a third circle. Attach the forth in the same way.

Using white embroidery thread, blanket stitch around the navy circles. Machine stitch around the silver lame circles and sew a button to the centre of each one. Add a shisha mirror in between the navy circles.

Download and print the templates for this project. Use the fin shape to cut four pieces from red felt. Pin two fin pieces together and machine stitch around the outside, leaving the flat end open. Turn out and stuff with wadding until nicely rounded. Fold the raw edge inwards by 1cm. Repeat to make the second fin. Pin and hand sew them between the navy circles so they will be on the sides when the cover is fitted.

At the two longest raw edges of the fabric pieces, fold over a 1.5cm hem. Wrap the material around a bolster cushion pad and pin a zip to each side. Check for a good fit and adjust the seam and zip as necessary so the cover sits snugly around the cushion. Once happy, press the hem and tack down with running stitches. Pin the zip back into place and machine stitch up one side and then the other.

Cut a 16cm circle from red felt. With right sides facing, pin the circle to the striped fabric and machine stitch into place. Cut a 16cm circle from turquoise felt. Iron interfacing onto the back of silver lame fabric, then use the cone template to cut out the shape. Fold one side over the other to create the cone shape, pin in place and stitch.

Turn the cone the right way out and the bolster cover the wrong way. Pin the cone to the turquoise felt. With right sides facing, push the cone into the body of the cover, pinning all three fabrics together. Ensure a good fit then machine stitch around the shape, leaving a 7cm gap near the back for the stuffing.

Turn the cover the right way and stuff the cone. Turn the cover the wrong way and backstitch the gap closed. Turn it the right way again and pin ric rac around the cone and hand stitch into place. Remove any tacking threads and carefully press the cover. Slip over the bolster cushion pad to complete.