Review of Barbie Pink 3 Story Townhouse

Review of Barbie Pink 3 Story Townhouse

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Barbie is considered the world’s leading fashion doll since its debut in 1959. Barbie along with Ken, Skipper, Francie, Kelly, and other friends and family members are favorites among children all over the globe. This fashion doll is known for the wide range of changeable clothes, shoes, and other fashion accessories. You can also make your Barbie doll drive a vehicle (such as a trailer, jeep, and Corvette convertible), play with a pet animal (such as a cat, a panda, to a lion cub), and there is even doll houses specially made for Barbie and her friends.

If you have a collection of Barbie dolls, you should consider getting a Barbie Pink 3 Story Townhouse. This 3 story doll house includes a pink personal elevator as well as mesmerizing lights and sounds on each story of the house. The personal elevator can easily move from one floor to another with the pull of a string. Meanwhile, you can hear sound effects coming from the toilet, the doorbell, the fireplace, the kitchen timer, and the voice of Barbie humming in the shower.

On the first floor of the Barbie Pink 3 Story Townhouse, when you enter the front door, you will find a dining area next to a well-equipped kitchen. Meanwhile, the second story is equipped with an entertainment center where you can find a fireplace with crackling fire, and a popup flat screen TV in front of a comfortable purple sofa. You can also find the bathroom on this floor. On the third floor, you will find a bedroom equipped with a romantic canopy bed. Next to bed, there is a closet for storing Barbie’s clothes. Outside the bedroom is an outdoor whirlpool tub. The doll house comes with over 55 pieces and accessories, as well as stickers for decorating the house with.

The Barbie Pink 3 Story Townhouse is easy to assemble. It is steadier than most doll houses. One of the trickiest parts to assemble is the personal elevator. Since the parts of the elevator are similar in shape and size, putting them together can be really confusing. Therefore read the manual carefully before doing the assembly. The doll and batteries are not included within the package; therefore you need to buy them separately. It needs 6 AA batteries in order to power the lights and sounds.

The Barbie Pink 3 Story Townhouse is only recommended for children above 3 years of age since the doll house comes with many small parts.

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