Reviewing Urban Attire Online – Karmaloop Vs Threadless

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If you are looking for urban attire online than you might want to consider Karmaloop. But Karmaloop is not the only option. Threadless is an online outfit that sells urban attire as well and many people feel they are the best, but which one is really better?


When it comes to Karmaloop vs Threadless we have to look at the specifics of each store. Now Karmaloop is a store that did not always offer urban attire. They first came into the game geared toward making clothes for people into the rave scene. Now there primary focus in on urban clothes. You will find brands offered on the site such as American Apparel, LRG, and Triple 5 Soul. You will also find K-Loop. If you come to the store at the right time you can find a lot of items on sale.

Understand what the main goal and purpose of Karmaloop is. They do not like fashion that is cookie cutter or plain in any way. Not only this, but the clothing you get from the store can also be purchased with different, exciting accessories that will compliment your shit, pants, or shoes quite well.


Threadless is Karmaloops competition and they are doing quite well at it. What makes the website so much different from its competition is that they offer interactivity to their customers. This means you do not have to just accept the fashions that are on the website. You can contribute your own ideas when it comes to the creation and critiquing of designs. Winning designs are selected by visitors to the website who score the designs on a range from 1-5. Winning designs are given cash prizes.

The people who visit Threadless are what keep it alive and operating the way it does. It is also because of the independent designers that the website maintains a unique feel. This ensures that there is never a shortage of designs to choose from on the website.

When you order from Threadless it is going to come to you in a very fast time period. The only thing is if you live in another country your fees for shipping might be higher based on the custom fee your country has.

So which one is better, Karmaloop or Threadless?

If your goal is to wear designs that are made by the most popular brands then you definitely want to go for Karmaloop. They just have some really nice deals on the different clothing items and other fashion accessories on their website. The designs are different from what you find in offline stores and they are just perfect for those serious about urban fashion.

If your want to go for designs that are unique because they are made from designers all around the globe that are not mainstream, but very much popular, then you will like Threadless. Both websites are awesome though. Just be prepared to spend a little bit of money, some of the clothes can be a bit pricey but there are coupon codes for both sites if you look hard enough.

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