Rosette Ribbon Jewellery – Free sewing patterns


Print cotton, scrapsSilk and netting, remnantsFelt, small off-cutsRibbon, 40cm lengthsButtons, 2.5cm, three, and a selection for decorationBeads, small white and stripyBeading thread or wireClasp

Make a button and fabric necklace

Decorate buttons. Cover three 2.5cm buttons by choosing fabric scraps with small motifs and cutting a 5cm diameter circle from each so the design sits in the centre. Gather up the circles 5mm in from the edge with running stitch and draw tight over the buttons. Secure the gathers and fasten off. Cut 2.5cm circles of brightly coloured felt and oversew by hand to the back edge of the buttons to neaten.

Stitch a rosette. Make three rosettes from 2.5cm wide strips of patterned cotton by gathering up one long edge with running stitch, pull tight, trim fabric and fasten off. Cut small and large circles from green netting, two of each size for each rosette. Secure to either side of the gathered fabric and add a tiny circle of felt topped with a button to each side. Make small pom poms from frayed and gathered strips of silk.

Make the necklace. Cut a 60cm length of beading wire or thread. Pass the thread through the backs of the fabric motifs you have made, separating each one with a selection of small white and striped beads and silk pom poms. Once you are happy with the design finish the necklace with a clasp.

Quick-make fabric bracelet

Cover a button in pretty fabric with a motif centred on the front secure the back with a piece of felt. Create a small rosette from a strip of silk and secure this to the back of the button.

Cut six triangles from patterned cotton, 3cm wide at the base by 4cm high. Join together in a circle with a line of running stitch around the bases and gather up. Oversew by hand to the back of the button so they radiate out from the centre.

Add small silk loops between the triangles and stitch in place to secure. Create another layer of triangle shapes to stitch to become the lower layer of the flower.

Cut six ribbons into 40cm lengths stitch together at the centre, then sew the bloom in place securely. Trim ribbon ends and tie round wrist.