Safely Traveling With Your Dog

Safely Traveling With Your Dog

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We have all seen dogs riding in cars. Traveling with your dog. I always smile, at first when I see it, and then I start thinking about, what if? What if that fun-loving pet decides to go to the other side of the front seat console? Will the driver be able to handle that situation when he or, she is trying to deal with a right turn into a parking lot on a busy frontage road in heavy traffic? I wonder, could you?

Then I have also seen a different, heart warming, situation where there is a kid strapped in a safety belt, like he ought to be, with ‘Bowser’ sitting in his lap. They are both engaged in that age-old game of ‘got you last’, and Mama is glaring at both of them, like she just said, “if I have to tell you two one more time… “. Now, she’s not paying attention to her main job, properly, which is driving the automobile, and avoiding a collision with other automobiles, much less veer out of her lane of traffic. You do the math.


When that fun-loving dog is in the back seat, he doesn’t have to holler ‘shotgun’ for the side window seat. He has the traveling rights, from one side of the car, to the other side of the car.

I am going to pause my narrative here to point out that I am from the Lone Star State of Texas, (no, don’t stand up).

We see a lot of pickup trucks around here, and unfortunately, sometimes you will see a dog, and maybe a kid or two, riding in the bed of the truck. Not so much now maybe, but every once in a while, you still see it.

We got some real COWBOYS around here, and we got some real cowmen too. Now you see all kinds, Big Brim Hats, Justin Boots, Pearl Snaps on their Western shirts, Levi Cowboy Cut Jeans… you get the picture. You never know, he may have a cow, or the cowman in a gimme cap from the feed store, and ‘Walmart’ tennis shoes, and probably the same Levis. I’m getting off track here. What I was gonna tell you about, was how to pick out the real cowboy, in a pickup truck, with only one seat in it. He’s the one in the middle. He knows that whenever they get to where ever they are going, there’s going to be considerable work involved. So he, doesn’t yell ‘shotgun’, like the less seasoned cowboy does. Now as for yelling shotgun, for those of you that don’t know, that means you got rights to sit by the passenger side window, so you can ride with your elbow resting on the door frame. That way you can see, and be seen, by all the pretty girls when you drive through town on the way to the ranch, or wherever the cows are gonna be. Usually that means, the ‘Walmart’ parking lot, (not the cows, the girls) where you always have to stop to get something or other, to work with out at the place, and that’s where the girls are, at ‘Walmart’, I mean.

Well when they get reloaded, and get to the place where the cows are, ranch, farm, or pasture. There may be a series of gates that have to be opened, before they get to where the actual work gets started. You guessed it, the real Cowboy, the one in the middle, the one that the girls at ‘Walmart’ probably checked out first, he don’t have to get out and open them gates!

Sometimes the best cowboy, is the dog riding in the back of the pickup. He can be, the one who does the bulk of the work, depending on the chore of the day. He can be a yeoman at rounding up cattle, or going into the thick bunched up bushes, after stray cows and calves. He can get to places where a cowboy on a horse can’t get to.

His traveling accommodations could be greatly improved when it comes to getting to the workplace though. He should be in a securely strapped down Dog Crate made especially for transporting animals.


I was observing the dog in the backseat just bouncing from one side to the other, at the least, creating a distraction in the rear view mirror. I wonder, again, what if? What if the dog decides to come over to the front seat, not to the passenger’s side, but in his old favorite place, his owner’s lap!? That might cause a slight distraction… do you think?

I know if I was the driver, in that situation, I would talk ugly talk, think, even uglier thoughts, about killing dogs, especially the one that was about to cause a major pile up on I-35. “What if, I survived this crash?” I thought. Would my dog, ‘Belvedere’ survive, or would he be crushed between me and the steering wheel? I quit thinking about then, I don’t like to think those thoughts. So I quit. You get the picture though, don’t risk your life, or your pets life, when you don’t have to.


When you take you dog with you, take as much care for his safety, as you do for the rest of your family. He is family, whether you see him as a part of it or not, he is. So make accommodations to get a nylon harness, that can be strapped in the car’s seat, with a seat belt, like any other passenger. Preferably, get one that you can attach a leather lead to, so when you reach your destination, you can clip it on, and before you get out of the car, you are ready to comfortably control your pet. You can be safe in, or out, of your automobile, when traveling with your dog.

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