Safety Tips For Running in the Dark

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Did it ever dawn on you how enjoyable running during nighttime can be? Yes, night running can be so much fun! I myself, enjoy running during nighttime. With my busy schedules and limited time during daytime, I have no other option but to settle for running when it is dark! It is not that I am complaining though, because actually, I have developed a love for running in the early evening, when the sun has set and it’s starting to get dark.

However, since running anywhere dark can never guarantee you of being safe, it is not recommended especially if it’s going to be in a place where the volume of cars is high. Here are some safety tips to follow to make sure that although you are running in the dark, you will always be safety-buckled and danger-proof against any kind of injury or accident.

Run Against Traffic At All Times

Make sure to run against traffic every time you go running. This way, you will have a better view of the vehicles approaching. Remember, it is always easier and safer to keep away from traffic if you can spot it.

And since nighttime running is not really recommended especially for those runners who usually have poor visibility in the dark, it would be best to steer clear of busy roads especially those streets that do not have any shoulders nor sidewalks to accommodate runners.

Equally important is to be alert at all times and watch out for approaching bicycles and runners that may be going your way. Because even if you are treading a path that does not have so much cars, chances are there are several cyclists or runners like you who might be too tired to think about bumping into co-runners and therefore cause serious injuries to both parties. So, before making a stop or turning around, make sure the way is clear.

Make Sure You Are Very Noticeable

And should you want to run during early mornings or early evenings, or even during dusk time, make it a point to put on something white, yellow or orange. This will help you increase your safety barometer as far as running in the dark is concerned. What’s more, make sure you put on some reflective gear while running, because sometimes even if you are already wearing running shoes with reflective parts on them, it might still not be that visible to motorists. Yes, your jackets may show some evidences of reflection; but really, sometimes it will be best to overdo it for your own safety.

Bring Identification At All Times

Never ever leave the house to run in the dark and not have your driver’s license with you. Safe-keep your driver’s license in your pocket or better yet, simply put an identification tag on your shoes to make it easier for you. You must also vary your itinerary as well as your schedule for running for you will never know when there would-be aggressors who will just suddenly pop out into your way and make you their target.

It is not just in the movies that this happens, you know. It is true, there are reported cases of muggers studying your schedules and routines when they see you running and then hide themselves in an isolated and dark place to just suddenly surprise you for nowhere with a pistol or something. Do not make yourself the willing victim to these predators.

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