San Francisco Beaches

San Francisco Beaches

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When you are planning a vacation to Maui or Rio de Janeiro you may put beaches on the top of you list of things to see. However, when planning a trip to San Francisco, you may have heard of North Beach, but North Beach doesn’t have any beaches (though the neighborhood was named after a beach that used to be on its north shoreline). If fact, San Francisco has several beaches that provide diversions for residents and visitors alike.

Make no mistake about it, San Francisco is not Los Angeles. Unless it’s an

exceptional day, San Francisco beaches tend to be a little chilly, windy and foggy.

However, this should not deter you from enjoying a nice afternoon at the beach.

Many San Francisco beaches have beautiful panoramic views of the Marin

Headlands, Point Bonita Lighthouse and the Golden Gate Bridge. Just be prepared

with a sweatshirt or jacket in addition to your shorts or swim suit. Because of the

latitude of San Francisco, the waters may be too cold for swimming (unless you

brought your wet suit). Bring your beach towels, a sand bucket, a good book, a kite

and a Frisbee to make the best of your afternoon at the beach.

San Francisco’s most popular beaches are Ocean Beach and Baker Beach. Although

East Beach at Crissy Field in the Presidio has become quite popular since the

restoration of Crissy Field.

Ocean Beach is San Francisco’s largest and longest beach running 5 miles up the

entire west side of San Francisco. The northern end of San Francisco Ocean Beach

popular among locals, surfers and visitors. The Cliff House towers above Ocean

Beach perched on the edge of a coastal bluff that borders the north end of the

beach. The beach is perfect for building sand sculptures and hosts a yearly sand

sculpture contest. Ocean Beach has a very slight slope, making it ideal for wading in

the surf. Surfers wearing wet suits are a common sight along this section of Ocean


Baker Beach is located in the Presidio just south of the San Francisco Golden Gate

Bridge. With its panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin

Headlands, Baker Beach is a popular beach and picnic destination for San Francisco

locals, especially on the weekends. Several picnic tables with barbecue pits are

located to the east of the north parking lot. The beach has strong rip-tides, so

swimming can be hazardous. A few fishermen may dot the shoreline. The north end

of the beach is houston astros cheaters shirt optional, so families typically stay toward the middle and

south ends of the beach.

Other beaches in San Francisco include Lands End Beach and China Beach, named

for the Chinese fishermen who used to camp nearby. San Francisco Castro Beach is

not really a beach at all. It’s a park that has garnered the “beach” nickname because

of all the Castro sun bathers that blanket its lawns.

Adding a beach to your San Francisco agenda may be a great way to slow down the

frenetic pace of sightseeing and enjoy a more relaxed appreciation of San

Francisco’s natural beauties. Visit San Francisco Beaches for more


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