Scalloped Collar Matching Bracelet – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton, printed, 25cm Felt, pink, 25cm Fusible webbing, 25cm Ribbon, grosgrain, 10mm wide Thread, sewing Jump rings, small Head pins, silver Pearls,glass: 5mm; 12mm Bicones, 4mm, crystal AB Seed beads, white Sequins, pearlescent white

Collar necklace

Iron a piece of fusible webbing to the wrong side of a square of printed cotton. Use the collar template on page 82 to cut a piece from fabric and another from coordinating felt. Remove the backing paper and fuse the cotton to the felt.

Stitch a line of pearlescent sequins and white seed beads around the edges of the collar by bringing the thread up through the hole in the sequin, into a seed bead and back down through the sequin. Allow the sequins to overlap like fish scales to form a continuous line. For the top edge, stitch extra seeds to create a row of beads on top of the sequins.

Use the print of the cotton material as a guide to stitch individual pearls and bicones onto the main area of the collar. For a more random print, use a ruler and pencil to mark a meshwork of dots onto the fabric. Make two 4cm long strings of pearls and bicones to attach to the centre base of the collar. Fold under the raw edge at the top sides of the bib and stitch lengths of coordinating grosgrain ribbon to each side. If desired, cut another collar piece from felt, using the template and adhere to the reverse of the beaded piece to conceal the working.

Make a matching bracelet

Stitch leftover pieces of fabric from the necklace into a wide strip, long enough to fit comfortably around a plain bracelet. Sew the short sides into a ring, slip over the bracelet and secure the long edges together with ladder stitch inside the bangle.

Stitch sequins and seed beads to the outer curve of the bangle, overlapping them as for the collar. You should be able to pass the needle in and out of the fabric in one movement, because of the curved surface of the bangle.