Scandi House Christmas Mantelpiece Decoration – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: patterned, red and cream, two; patterned, red; spotted, red and white; patterned, cream; plain, blue, scraps; patterned, brown, scrapsFelt, green, scraps Thread, sewing: navy; white; brown; redCard: thin; thick Ribbon, gingham, red Pom pom trim, whiteTrim, white laceGlue: glitter; acid-free Stars, gold, twoButton, pearl, heart

Dimensions List

11cm x 16cm

Make a house decoration

Download the templates below. Cut out the four-sided house template in thick card, then score down the three dashed lines and set aside. Using red and cream patterned fabric, cut two 10cm x 18cm rectangles for the gables (triangular parts) and two 12cm squares from cream fabric for the front and back of the house.

Stitch them together alternately, allowing for a 1cm seam. Before you press the seams open, double check that each one will exactly match the score lines on the templates. Lay the card template flat onto your fabric piece. Allowing for an extra 1cm, trim away the excess fabric.

Cut out two doors from blue fabric, followed by four window frames and curtains from red patterned fabric using the picture as a guide. Place them using an acid-free glue stick. Allow to dry, then stitch the details in a contrasting thread. Cut one Christmas tree and three bay trees from green felt, followed by four tree trunks from brown fabric. Place them, allow to dry, then stitch the details. Press from the back, then set aside.

Create a roof from thick card and score down the middle. Set aside. Cut two 9.5cm x 13.5cm rectangles from red and cream patterned fabric, then two 3cm x 13.5cm rectangles from red patterned fabric. Scallop cut along one long edge of both red pieces. Lay the large roof fabric pieces right side up and glue the scalloped fabric pieces on top, leaving a 1cm gap at the top. Allow to dry and stitch detailing along the scalloped line.

Cut a 2cm x 6cm rectangle for the chimney in contrasting fabric. Apply glue to the wrong side, fold in half and stitch the sides. Place the finished front and back roof pieces right sides together and trap the chimney into the seam, towards the right. Allow for a 1cm seam and stitch across. Press the seams open and trim the chimney seam as close to the stitching line as possible to remove excess fabric.

To assemble the roof, coat the thick card piece with glue. Holding it so it bends into a roof shape, place the roof fabric seam onto the top score line and gently smooth each side down. Fold the excess corners onto the inside of the roof, then stick the sides over. Set aside.

Take the finished house fabric and trim the inside seams to 5mm. Starting with the front of the house, apply glue all over the reverse, then lay it onto the card. Remember there should be 1cm of excess fabric at the top and bottom. Gently smooth out, removing any air bubbles. Bend the card to the appropriate angle, then glue the next section until all four sides are stuck down. Fold all excess fabric onto the inside and glue in place. Hand stitch the two house ends together and set aside.

Cut the floor from thick card and red fabric, adding 1cm all around. Glue as before, sticking the excess onto the wrong side. Cut a piece of the same fabric slightly smaller than the templates and glue it onto the wrong side. Apply a thin line of glue around the top edge and sit the house on top of it. Leave to dry.

From thin card, cut a front piece, back piece and two gable ends that are slightly smaller than the templates. Cover one side in red fabric, overlapping onto the wrong side. Glue these into the house. To make the roof lining, cut a piece of thin card so that the width will fit snugly onto the house and cover with fabric. Glue to the roof and, at the same time, catch two pieces of gingham ribbon near the apex to hold the roof shape.

Glue white pom pom trim just under the roof edges, then add a strip of lace trim to the undecorated gable. Place glitter glue all around the bottom of the house, across the tops of the doors and trees, across the roof ridge and under the scalloped line. To finish, stick gold stars to the Christmas tree top and door, and make a bow from red and white threads for one of the trees.