seashell clutch – Free sewing patterns


Main fabricLining fabricWaddingLightweight fusible interfacingMetal purse frame, 5”Strong fabric glue

Dimensions List

15cm x 19.5cm

Stitch a clutch

1 Download and print the templates. Using the shell shape, cut two pieces from the main fabric, two from lining fabric and two from interfacing. Trim two wadding sections from the quilting template. Adhere fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the outer fabrics.

2 Place the quilting template on the right side of the outer pieces, lining up the scallop edge and pin in place. Mark the notches using an invisible marker pen. Mark out the inverted semi-circle at the top. Remove the pattern and use a ruler to draw lines from the scallop edge to the semi-circle. These are the quilting lines. Repeat for the other outer piece.

3 Pin the wadding to the back of the outer pieces with quilting pins. Topstitch the marked lines. Pull the threads to the back and tie off. Cut pieces of wadding smaller than the stitched panels and push neatly into these areas to add further padding and shape. Then make another line of stitches in the centre of the panels to create more texture.

4 Stitch the two quilted panels right sides together from point A to B with a 1cm seam. Clip the curves, turn out, press the seams and define the scallop edge. Stitch the lining pieces from A to B but leave an 8cm gap at the bottom. Do not turn out.

5 Place the purse inside the lining section, aligning the top edges and pin all around. Sew this top edge with a 1cm seam. Reach into the purse body and pull the purse out through the gap left in the lining. Push the lining back inside, then press.

6 Take a purse frame and apply glue sparingly into each channel. Leave the glue to go slightly tacky for 15 minutes. Mark the top centre of the purse and start to put the top edge into the frame. Push the centre part in first, then the sides. Repeat for the other channel.

7 There should be a gap of about 1.5cm at each end to allow the purse to open and shut. Push the top of the purse seam in at both sides. Leave the glue to dry for a few hours, then manipulate the fabric into shape.