This usually occurs when a lengthy period of time passes without closing a sale or getting enough positive responses. In some industries that time frame can be just a day or two. In others, like mortgage sales it could be weeks. Regardless, what happens is that they begin to sound desperate and find themselves overselling or begging for sales.

This attitude, rather the caller realizes it’s happening or not, leads the customer to believe that no one wants or buys the product and consequently they see no reason why they would want it either. Nobody buys from a person lacking in confidence because it delivers the profound message that product will not meet expectations.

Professional sellers will always sound confident when they’re on their game and selling and it may even seem like they are not even trying and everyone still keeps saying yes. When prospects hear confidence in a callers voice they feel like everyone is buying the product and if everyone is purchasing what they are selling then the potential buyer will naturally want to know why and will ask to hear more about it.

The take away – sell like you have a million dollars in your pocket. No salesman that had a million dollars would beg or waste time with non buyer. Prospects respect confidence and if they perceive someone as successful they will trust them even more. A well dressed person commands respect. Imagine for a moment owning a business and a salesperson comes out to say that he has the expertise to grow someone’s business through their consulting firm. Now picture that salesperson in a $20 pair of Dockers and a pull over collared beamng live. Sure, he’s a nice guy and maybe even smart, but the next appointment is with a man wearing a freshly pressed pin striped black suit, a white button up beamng live and a powerful red tie. He dressed like a man with a million dollars in his pocket and he’s glowing with confidence. A man that is successful. Who would the business owner trust to consult with on the growing their business? The man in the suit, of course. His confidence and his appearance both imply success. Bottom line, the way we dress and the way we talk will affect how people respond to us and the same thinking applies to telephone sales.

Nobody trusts their needs to a scared, soft spoken, intimidated salesperson. Those character traits express failure. You don’t have to be a millionaire – just act like one.

write by Mabel