Sewing for Boys – BEST Boys Sewing Patterns

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“Boys will be boys,” they say and sewing for boys may be challenging! However, with some simple patterns and the right fabrics, you will be well equipped. Not too frilly, well no-frills actually, and not too fussy, just simple straightforward boys sewing patterns made in cool fabrics.

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Sewing for Boys – The Best Styles

The best styles for boys sewing patterns are simple which is great news for you since they will be quick and easy to make. Match your skill level to the sewing patterns you choose. Beginners can easily make pants and shorts with elastic waists and simple t-shirts are a great introduction to sewing stretch fabric.

Baby Boys Patterns

Start with baby bib patterns, trendy bloomers, diaper cover patterns and overalls for the baby stage.

Baby t-shirts are also a great project and good introductions to sewing knit fabric. My favorite thing to make for babies are simple pants as they get so much wear and like all baby items, don`t take much fabric. If it is summer, make lots of diaper covers in fun fabrics to hide ugly nappies. All baby needs to wear with them is a soft singlet. Use your leftover diaper fabric to put a little matching applique square on the singlet.

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Sewing for Boys that are Toddlers

Toddler boys look good in the ever-practical and trendy harem pants. The great thing about harem pants is the movement they allow growing boys. A lot of the trendy kids stores have harem pants so why not save some money and make your own.

The little bit of extra fabric in the inner leg, without being too baggy, gives the perfect amount of freedom of movement. Harem pants can be cuffed at the ankle or loose and really stand along for trend-setting boys. They can be made in woven fabrics or soft knits like the black mustache pair below.

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PinPinPinSewing for Boys that are Toddlers

Sewing for Boys that are Older

As boys get older they tend to want to wear simpler styles such as shorts and cargo pants. Boys can never have too many cargo shorts in summer! Any pattern with elastic in the waist is easy for even beginners to sew. Pair them with a cute jacket or vest and they are all set to impress.

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PinPinPinPinSewing for Boys that are Older

Sewing for Boys – The Best Fabrics

Sewing for boys is all about choosing the right fabrics. Fabrics for boys have to be hard wearing, durable, washable and not too expensive helps too.

Select from cotton, denim and hard-wearing solid colors or patterns. Plaids, hound’s tooth and checks work well for some variety in your boy’s wardrobe. I like sewing for boys using quilting cotton. This medium weight cotton is readily available at most fabric shops and is crisp and easy to sew even for beginners. Best of all there is always a huge selection of patterns and colors.

PinPinPinSewing for Boys Fabrics

If you go for patterned fabric, look for funky elephant prints, sharks, vehicles and even fluffy bunnies. Really, any motif that makes your little boy happy. You don`t have to stick to stereotypes. The whole point of sewing for boys is to put a big smile on their face when they see what you have made. Nautical prints are always a favorite of mine.


Camouflage fabric is often a winner, especially as it doesn’t really show too much dirt.

Corduroy is a good hard-wearing option for the cooler days and fleecy knits will make great pants that are warm and comfortable at the same time. The car jacket in the picture above was made from a soft pinwale corduroy and lined in red corduroy. You could line it in fleece for an extra cozy option.

Sewing for Boys – Trims

One of the objectives of sewing for boys has to be durability.  Making longer lasting wear and tear type clothing is a must for the little explorers of this world. 

There are many clever ways to increase the life of boys clothing and enhance the look of the garment at the same time.  Elbow patches, knee patches and contrasting pockets and trims, all help to add interest to boys clothing. 

Adding a cuff at the bottom can extend the life of a favorite pair of pants from last year as you roll it down as they grow taller.

Sewing for Boys – Toy Patterns

Have you read the story of the Velveteen Rabbit to your child?  It is one of the best-loved classic children’s stories, about a boy and his beloved toy rabbit.  It is a must read story and kind of book to keep and treasure.  Imagine if you could make a rabbit for your child to cherish just like the boy in the Velveteen Rabbit story.

How about trying to make Raphaelo Rabbit.  Using soft fabric like the corduroy in the picture on the pattern you can make a stuffed rabbit soft toy measuring 26in. (66cm). 

He is irresistible and the pattern comes with shorts, a T-shirt and vest.  There is a girl version called Rachael Rabbit and together the pair of rabbits will add value to any nursery or little person’s room.


Rabbits, like Peter Rabbit and Bugs Bunny, have filled a special spot on bookshelves.  Now you can create a soft rabbit for your child, using the Raphaelo Rabbit pattern.

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Sewing for Boys – In Conclusion

Making boys clothing puts you into the front of the ‘growing up fast’ game. You will be glad you came up with something that you could make and outsmart, outwit and out-dress your little team player. Your boy`s clothing will be a winner and you will feel proud that your sewing for boys` journey was a success.

Treasurie Sewing Patterns

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