Sewing for GIRLS – Tips, Tricks and Best Patterns

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Sewing for girls is such a pleasure.  Choosing a pretty pattern and the fabric to match is all about the joy you will get from sewing a special outfit for a little girl. ‘Thank heaven for little girls, they grow up in the most delightful way,’ are words from the Broadway musical Gigi. It is very rewarding to sew little girl’s outfits, made from patterns to suit them, as they grow in their delightful ways.

sewing for girlsPinSewing for Girls


Sewing for Girls – StylesSewing for Girls – FabricsSewing Pattern Decisions! Sewing for Girls – The Style Line-UpDress PatternsTops and ShirtsSkirts, Shorts, PantsSweaters, Jackets Cardigans and CapesPeasant Dress and Sophie Top‘Tweens’ – Circular Skirt, Ruffle Pants and MoreTrims and Frills for the Feminine TouchDance and DramaRachel Rabbit and FriendsSewing for Girls – In ConclusionRelated Articles

Sewing for Girls – Styles

There is no end to the opportunities to dress little girls in the latest styles.  Dresses and tops, matching outfits and designs for all sorts of occasions will build up a little girl`s wardrobe. 

Many patterns are mix and match styles that bring variety to the clothes you sew.  Patterns from different designs can be used together to build up an original outfit for the girls in your family.  Choose from multiple sizes and different styles of clothing for girls.  Your adventures into sewing for girls may even lead to a very comfortable home industry.

Sewing for Girls – Fabrics

Fabrics for girls range from durable denim to dainty tulle and pretty cotton prints.  Dress your girls according to their personality type.  Some girls love to be dressed in all the frills, while others may need more outdoor rough and tumble clothing. 

There are always times for party clothes and girls do love to dress up.  Cotton is more durable and cool in warmer climates, but the creative seamstress has the liberty to mix up different fabrics and trims for little girl’s dresses. 

Stretch cotton is very versatile and appropriate for many different styles, especially sporty outdoor fashions.

My favorite fabrics to sew for my daughter are –

Quilting cotton for shorts, dress and skirtsStretch knit (usually cotton with a small percent of Lycra) for dresses and leggings

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PinSewing for Girls – Fabrics

Sewing Pattern Decisions!

When sewing for girls there are so many lovely sewing patterns to choose from.  Deciding what to sew could come down to looking at different categories of patterns and choosing from a range of dress patterns or pants and active/sportswear. 

Treasurie has an extensive selection of girls sewing patterns for you to choose from.

Look for more formal clothes and party dresses.  Then don’t forget cardigans, tops and even a really beautiful cape pattern. Each pattern has different suggestions for trims and finishing touches to keep up with fashion trends. 

The line up of styles includes the tweens age group so from babies to the early teens there really is something for every child you may wish to sew for. 

Browsing through the catalog of patterns will enable you to choose the right outfit to fit the occasion and the needs of every model child, and of course, every mom has one of those!


Sewing for Girls – The Style Line-Up

It is really helpful to go through the line-up for girls and have some idea of the different styles to choose from.  Click onto any category and take a peek at ideas for girl`s patterns. 

Treasurie has many girls sewing patterns so make sure you check out my shop.

Dress Patterns

There are so many dress patterns to tempt you into sewing a girl’s outfit.  Each pattern has a personalized name and a beautiful description to make you fall in love with the style. 

The Amy dress pattern is designed with a dropped waist and especially suited to stretch fabrics.  

The Anke pattern can be made into a dress or top.  The high waist and dolman sleeves allow for variety as the length and trims can ring the changes to this style. 

The Becky pattern is an easy to make gathered dress while the Bella pattern is an A-line dress with a pleat and appliqué flower.

There are dresses with circular skirts and long or short sleeve options.  There really is no limit to what you can make to dress-up a little girl from the pattern selection and variety of ideas.


PinSewing for Girls – Dresses

Tops and Shirts

Pretty tops and shirts always come in useful to dress little girls.  Many of the dress patterns are easily changed into tops. 

The kaftan pattern is an ideal summer cover over for the beach or it makes a very comfortable top. The Jasmine dress doubles as a top pattern and this is a very easy option. T-shirts patterns are always good choices for casual wear and the pattern gives a long or short-sleeved design.


PinSewing for Girls – Tops

Skirts, Shorts, Pants

Skirts, full circle or elasticated make up another versatile pattern to add to your collection. 

Skirts are easy to fit to different waists and as little girls grow so the waistband size can grow with them.  Shorts and pants come in handy too. 


PinSewing for Girls – Skirts

Shorts take up very little fabric and are ideal for summer days in the garden, while the harem pants are a comfortable fit for lounging around.


PinSewing for Girls – Pants

Sweaters, Jackets Cardigans and Capes

Jackets, sweaters, cardigans and capes may look challenging, but the straightforward patterns for these wardrobe winners make sewing a jacket or cardigan a simple pattern option. 

The cape is an extra special addition to a little girl’s wardrobe and the pattern comes with an appliqué for Little Red Riding Hood, just to add an extra special touch to a cute, red cape.


PinSewing for Girls – Jacket

Peasant Dress and Sophie Top

These two patterns are really simple to make and both of them have the option of doubling as a top.  Sophia pattern has tie straps to fasten the top and so there are no complicated buttonholes or zips to worry about.


PinSewing for Girls – Peasant Dresses

‘Tweens’ – Circular Skirt, Ruffle Pants and More

Tweens are always a challenging age group.  The circular skirt and the ruffle pants are among the special patterns for the tween age group.  Just a bit more sophisticated than some of the other patterns, but with an air of mischief and fun for growing little ladies.


Trims and Frills for the Feminine Touch

Girl’s dress patterns would not be the same without some frills and interesting trims.  The girl’s patterns offer suggestions for creative appliqué effects, self-made bias binding, bows and frilly pockets.  Ruffles and collar options help make each pattern exclusive in its own way and leave plenty of room for your own creativity.

Trims work best when on a smaller scale so they don`t overpower your design.

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Dance and Drama

Making your own leotards for your girls or their dance and drama activity wear may sound like a challenge, but try it once and you will see it is easier than you think.  Leotard patterns and other dance designs are an added bonus to the variety of dress patterns available.


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PinSewing for Girls – Leotards

Rachel Rabbit and Friends

Rachel and Raphaelo Rabbit are two of the cutest stuffed toys to make and what better way to use up your fabric scraps than to make clothes for these cuddly characters. 

The Milly doll pattern is another toy your little girl may enjoy playing with and dressing up.  Milly’s clothes fit the rabbits as well before you know it you will have a wardrobe of clothes for the rabbits and Milly, all beautifully made in fabrics to match your little girl`s favorite outfit.


PinSewing for Girls – Toys

Sewing for Girls – In Conclusion

No matter who, no matter where there is a pattern for the little girls that you sew for.  Party dress patterns, outdoor dress patterns, casual clothes, winter, summer, autumn and spring outfits.  Sewing for girls patterns for every occasion you can imagine. 

Thank heaven for little girls who grow up in the most delightful way, and for patterns to dress them every single day! 

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