Sewing Pattern Storage – 8 WAYS to Store Patterns

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Are your paper sewing patterns and downloadable sewing patterns a mess? Here we talk about sewing pattern storage methods with a minimal cost.

Sewing Pattern StoragePinSewing Pattern Storage


Sewing Pattern Storage – Digital FilesSewing Pattern Storage – Paper PatternsIdea #1: Magazine HoldersIdea #2: Ring Binders with Clear Plastic InsertsIdea #3: Large Envelopes in a TubIdea #4: Ziplock BagsIdea #5: Pattern Maker`s HooksIdea #6: Cardboard Folders or EnvelopesIdea #7: Pants HangersIdea #8: Concertina FilesSewing Pattern Storage – In ConclusionMost Popular Articles

Sewing Pattern Storage – Digital Files

Make sure you keep your files backed up either to an external hard drive or cloud service. There is nothing worse than having your computer crash and losing all your sewing patterns. Well, actually lots of things – but it is still stressful to lose information on your computer.

Digital file backups

External hard drives – I generally use portable onesCloud storage  – Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud

Sewing Pattern Storage – Paper Patterns

Some sewers just throw their printed patterns away after they have been used since they can easily reprint them next time. However, if you have a favorite style that you want to keep without reprinting then here are some simple solutions.

Idea #1: Magazine Holders

This is the method I use. Put each pattern in a clear ziplock bag the same size as the holder. You could also use dividers or manila envelopes.

how-to-store-patterns-magazineshow-to-store-patterns-magazinesPinSewing Pattern Storage – Magazine Folders

Idea #2: Ring Binders with Clear Plastic Inserts

Try to get the inserts that can be closed rather than the cheaper ones which remain open at the top. That way if you accidentally grab the folder upside down they don’t all fall out.

foldersfoldersPinSewing Pattern Storage – Binders

Idea #3: Large Envelopes in a Tub

This is a simple but effective solution. Try and find envelopes the width of the tub to maximize storage space.

how-to-store-patterns-boxeshow-to-store-patterns-boxesPinSewing Pattern Storage – Tubs

Idea #4: Ziplock Bags

These are one of my favorite methods as you can see the pattern inside. You will still need some kind of tub or container to put them in as they slide all over the place if you just try and stack them inside your cupboard.

Idea #5: Pattern Maker`s Hooks

Punch a hole through the top of your patterns and string them on pattern makers hooks.

Idea #6: Cardboard Folders or Envelopes

These large cardboard folders were too pretty to resist. Manila folders are cheaper of course.

cardboard folderscardboard foldersPinSewing Pattern Storage – Folders

Idea #7: Pants Hangers

You can get these from your supermarket which makes it a cheap and easy storage solution. Perhaps the disadvantage is that you need spare cupboard space, which rules it out for me.

Idea #8: Concertina Files

These are easily found at most stationers and have slots you can insert each pattern.

Sewing Pattern Storage – In Conclusion

What do you use to store your patterns? If you have an ingenious method please share it with us in the comments below.

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