Sewing Room Organization – 7 Easiest Ideas

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When you are working with a variety of materials, though, it can seem like sewing room organization is impossible. Sewing and crafting are great hobbies. Not only are they fun, but they also leave you with a beautiful and unique finished product. While many of use love sewing and crafting, though, none of us like to work in a messy, disorganized space.

sewing room organizationPinSewing Room Organization


Sewing Room Organization – 7 Easiest IdeasIdea 1 – Keep a Small Trash Can Close to Your WorkspaceIdea 2 – A Place for EverythingIdea 3 – Look for Furniture That Doubles as StorageIdea 4 – Use the Storage You Have for Sewing Room OrganizationIdea 5 – Chalk Board WallIdea 6 – Utilize Cardboard SquaresIdea 7- Use BindersSewing Room Organization -In ConclusionA thank you -More Sewing Articles

Sewing Room Organization – 7 Easiest Ideas

With a few changes to your crafting or sewing room organization, you can have a room that allows you to work without the distraction of a mess.

Idea 1 – Keep a Small Trash Can Close to Your Workspace

When you are crafting or sewing, scraps of fabric or paper and other unusable parts from your supplies is inevitable. If you don’t have anywhere to put these, it’s no wonder they pile up and create disarray.

The way to stop this is simple. A small wastebasket under your work table to throw your waste in is a great way to keep the scraps you can’t use contained. To keep things in order, make sure to clean this wastebasket out when it gets full. To avoid having to stop mid-project, empty the wastebasket between projects.

Keep your sewing room color co-ordinated by sewing a fabric basket for your waste.

fabric basket tutorialfabric basket tutorialPinSewing Room Organization – Fabric Baskets

Idea 2 – A Place for Everything

If you’ve ever tried to create something out of a miscellaneous box of supplies, you probably experienced a fair amount of stress. No doubt you had to contend with tangled thread or having to stop what you were doing to dig through and search for the supplies you need.

To fix this problem with sewing room organization, separate these supplies out to separate bins. This way, you will know where to find things when you need them. Need buttons? Look in the bin you dedicated to buttons. Need some construction paper? Look in the drawer dedicated to that supply.

To take this a step further, take the time to label these bins and drawers. When you do this, you don’t have to go through the inevitable process of looking in 4 drawers before you remember which drawer the supply you need is in. It’s a small touch that can go a long way in staying organized and saving time.

drawersdrawersPinSewing Room Organization – Label Drawers

Idea 3 – Look for Furniture That Doubles as Storage

Anymore, furniture that serves a function is easy to find. Especially with minimalist design being so popular, furniture that is designed to add extra storage inconspicuously is extremely on-trend.

For those who are looking to be more organized, this type of furniture is invaluable and easy to slip into your sewing or crafting room. For example, that footstool you keep in the room can be switched out with a small ottoman that has storage inside. Even the table you work out can be traded in for one that lifts up to reveal storage underneath the surface.

As an added bonus, an ottoman will give your furry sewing companion somewhere to watch you work.

PinSewing Room Organization – Extra Storage

Idea 4 – Use the Storage You Have for Sewing Room Organization

While creating extra storage is important, it is absolutely crucial to use the storage that your craft or sewing room already affords you. If you have a closet in your room, clean it out and utilize it so that it lends to your room’s overall organization.

It’s also important to remember that you can use some vertical sewing room organization as well. This means using your wall space as storage. The use of bookshelves or even shelves on your walls can add a good amount of storage to help organize your sewing or craft room.

closetclosetPinSewing Room Organization – Clean and Organized

Idea 5 – Chalk Board Wall

If you are the type of person who works on multiple projects at once or even has a list of projects to do, it’s important that you have a way to keep track of what you need to do. Of course, you could purchase a whiteboard or keep a notepad on your desk but there’s an even more creative way you can keep track of things.

For a personal touch, paint one of the walls in your craft room with chalkboard paint. This will allow you to write directly on your wall like a chalkboard including erasing and rewriting whenever you want or need!

chalk boardchalk boardPinSewing Room Organization – Chalk Boards

Idea 6 – Utilize Cardboard Squares

This sewing room organization tip is a simple one. Anyone who has ever used ribbon or trim knows how messy it can get if these supplies are allowed to just exist in piles. To keep them in place, cut out cardboard squares or tags and keep them wrapped around them. You can even use a straight pin to ensure that the end of these spools doesn’t roll off.

tagstagsPinSewing Room Organization – Cardboard Tags

Idea 7- Use Binders

Our final tip for sewing room organization is that you should use binders to keep track of papers. When you learn a new craft or sew something new, you probably have a copy of the instructions or a pattern. By keeping them in a binder, you can keep them straight and on-hand for easy reference.

bindersbindersPinSewing Room Organization – Use Binders to Store Patterns

Sewing Room Organization -In Conclusion

So here you have 7 easy ideas to increase your sewing room organization. If you have any extras please share them below.

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Annabelle Carter Short is a freelance writer/editor and seamstress of more than 7 years. She likes to make DIY and crafty projects in her free time with her two kids: Elizabeth (age 6) and Michael (age 8). Annabelle writes for Wunderlabel and you can check her blog here: Wunderlabel offers the finest custom woven labels, printed labels, hang tags, gift ribbons and stickers. Create your own personalized labels using online design tool or upload your logo or artwork. 

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