Sewing Thread Storage – 6 BEST Organizing Ideas

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Ok, I admit it. My sewing thread storage is a constant mess! I keep them in little Ikea drawers which look neat and tidy on the outside but are always a tangled mess inside. There has to be a better way to store sewing threads! Here I`m going to share 6 ideas to better organize your sewing room and to stop you wasting time untangling threads every time you go to sew something.

Sewing Thread StoragePinSewing Thread Storage


Sewing Thread StorageSewing Thread Storage – RacksThread storage boxes – Art BinsSewing Thread Storage – Cutlery InsertsSewing Thread Storage – PegboardsSewing Thread Storage – JarsSewing Thread Storage – BobbinsRelated Sewing Tutorials

Sewing Thread Storage

Here are 4 popular storage solutions for storing sewing threads.

Sewing Thread Storage – Racks

You can get different sized racks to suit your sewing room and thread collection size. Try storing your bobbins on the end of the sticks so you can easily reach for bobbins also. Thread racks normally are made from light-colored pine wood and look attractive in your sewing room with all the multi-colored threads on display.

It makes reaching for the matching thread so easy, especially if you keep the rack right next to your sewing machine. I just purchased one of these from Amazon but they are readily available from haberdashery stores and eBay as well.

Racks come in mainly 30, 60 or 120 spool sizes. At first, I thought 30 would be plenty but after a quick count, I realized I would need the 60 spool size. I bet you have more spools than you think.

Thread storage boxes – Art Bins

Art bins are clear storage boxes with compartments that are designed to store sewing and craft supplies. Cotton spools can be placed alongside other sewing supplies and fat quarters of fabric.

Sewing Thread Storage – Cutlery Inserts

Cutlery inserts for drawers can also be used to separate spools and bobbins. How happy would you be to open a drawer and find this!


Sewing Thread Storage – Pegboards

Pegboards with small pieces of dowel fitted into the holes are a popular homemade option. The great thing about using pegboards is that you can mount them on the wall and save your precious bench space.


They can also be painted to match your decor or to create a feature wall.

Sewing Thread Storage – Jars

Improvise! What about using glass jars or vases? Add pretty labels or painted lids to add your own unique touch. This tutorial from my blog will show you how to make a pin cushion on the lid of a mason jar. You could fill the jar with pretty spools and display them on an open shelf in your sewing room.

mason jar pin cushionmason jar pin cushionPinMason Jar Pincushion

Sewing Thread Storage – Bobbins

And what about your bobbins?

Do the stray ends of your bobbins tangling drive you crazy? No matter how many times I neaten my little box of bobbins, they are always a mess after just one use. It doesn`t help that my cat has worked out how to open the bobbin drawer. It slides open and she can just get her nail into the top of it to open and grab a bobbin to play with. I found one under the fridge yesterday. No wonder I`m always buying new bobbins.


There are many commercial bobbin storage devices. Most hold the bobbin tightly so they can`t spin out of control and tangle.

How do you keep your sewing thread storage neat? I bet some of you have some ingenious methods. Please share!

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