Sex Please, It’s the Weekend!

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I recently met up with a friend who’d sustained an injury to her shoulder. When I asked her how she’d hurt herself she laughed and explained, with a wink, that it had happened on Freaky Friday.

Her comment got me wondering how much each of us discuss our views and opinions on sex with our partners. How many of us share our sexual likes and dislikes, our sexual fantasies, whether we’re open to trying out new ways of making love and so ensuring our sex lives are fun, exciting and satisfying.

When it’s the weekend, Freaky Friday or not, we can take time to reflect on our sex lives and allow time to experiment with each others’ ideas and suggestions.

– Pornography is a popular part of many people’s sexual lives, and is one of the top search criteria used on the web. Either watched alone or to spice up a couples’ sex lives, some porn is ‘milder’ than others. If you’re interested in pornography, determining what each is prepared to watch and enjoy is important to ascertain from the outset. Some couples like to film themselves and make their own sex tapes, but be careful and consider where it may ultimately be downloaded. We’ve all heard stories of ex’s who post revenge videos once the relationship has broken down!

– Role-playing can be fun. Many of us have laughed at ‘let’s play doctors and nurses’ comments but for some people role-playing adds an important edge to their intimacy. They may even have dressing up boxes where they keep outfits, shoes, make up and accessories relevant to their role-playing personas. Planning scenarios in advance can make for fun times when it’s the weekend and a Freaky Friday.

– Toys often add spice to a couple’s sex life and come in all shapes and sizes, from dildos, vibrators, lubricants and a whole array of items that can be inserted, played with and used in a variety of ways. Nowadays there are high street shops where items can be looked at and purchased or buying online is a more private way in which to shop.

– Fantasy can be an exciting way to spend some time when it’s the weekend or a Freaky Friday, pretending to be strangers who meet by chance in a public place, like a bar, bus station or hotel lobby and who then seduce each other. Dressing up may feature in this storyline as a femme fatale or macho male acts out their part. These fantasies often succeed in helping participants overcome any embarrassment or inhibitions and can make for a liberating new phase in one’s love-making.

– Third parties may be seen as an adventurous addition when you’ve more time at the weekend, but be aware that when an additional person is brought into the mix things may not always work out as initially anticipated. Emotions may become triggered, the third-party may get on better with one person than the other and jealousy may become an issue. Things may not work out as straightforwardly as you’d hoped. Also decisions about how far to take things sexually, how long they stay, how you get them to leave can sometimes become a little awkward.

– BDSM, bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism can be a part of your time experimenting on Freaky Friday. This may include tying up one’s partner, using restraints, handcuffs, discipline, spanking, dressing up in leather or more hardcore outfits and having a dominant and a submissive, where discipline and certain fetish behaviour is enacted. Sometimes roles may be alternated or it may be that each prefers their specific role of dominant or submissive. It’s important to be clear as to how far each person is prepared to go in receiving and inflicting discipline and pain. Having a code word or sentence is important so that a halt can be called to proceedings if either feels uncomfortable or that things are going too far. Trust is an important part of BDSM.

At the end of the day you both choose how you want to spend your weekend and Freaky Friday, it’s down to you to say sex please! Being intimate, trying new things, being confident enough to share your desires and maybe explore new positions, new ways of making love can be an important way for your relationship to evolve, for you to remain close and stay attracted and connected to each other. Yes please, sex please, it’s the weekend, it’s Freaky Friday!

write by Bertram

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