Shadow of the Crater (Part II)

Shadow of the Crater (Part II)

Shadow of the Crater (Part II)black t shirt

“The Demonic Forces of Planet Mercury”
Parts III and IV

((Planet Mercury and Asteroid m76) (A story previous unpublished From’ the Cadaverous Plants,’ series))

Part Three

The Mole People of Mercury

Chapter Ten

The Little People of Mercury

As we all know, Siren was still alive on Mercury, as was the King of the Moirommalits, Jokaneen, was Siren’s mother, she had died in the vaults of hell, giving birth to Siren, and part of her dying residue was submerged into the back chambers of her mind, kept alive, and she often spoke to her mother-via, telepathy, except for the time she was being courted by the royal house, on Planet SSARG´s moon (for more information on this see “The Cadaverous Planets”). And so we find much information given to Siren by way of Jokaneen, and Jokaneen was a student of Tfarcevol, Moiromma´s most renowned philosopher, equal to perhaps Plato, or Socrates, or even Aristotle. And so we see she was a wise leader in her former and later years. And now with the young king, she had a new mission in life, not only to survive the planet, but to restore its Moirommalit inhabitants back onto the planet, while perhaps discovering the Mole People in the process.

The Mole People, were an indigestible people (whom lived arguments, stubborn, and very talkative, rude and selfish), I say, hard to digest people, of the Solar System, and King Luhtc, with the help of Siren and her mother Jokaneen, who had talked to the spirit of Cyr the Great General, found out these pygmy like people, just didn’t appear out of nowhere, they had a history, one Cyr kept from the king, lest they be hunted and killed by his kind. They were a bread of two inhabitants, the Amuc of the Andes of Peru, and pygmies of Cibara, a hybrid form of demon, I should say half demon, like an imp, who lived once in the catacombs of Cibara, in the dreadful underground passages, under the high priest of Cibara, Malsi, henceforward called, Cibaranites, they were originally brought from earth, via, angelic renegades, by Crick’el and Amasras, once, both being archangels, now cast under tons of stone and locked in chains by Ura’el, the bright one of the God of the Universe.

This demonic force cohabitated with the Amuc of the Andes, and were cast out, and brought to the Planetoid, and then onto Mercury. Malsi the 10th, was the leader of the Mole People of Mercury, and I shall describe them slightly:

These asteroid pygmies had membrane nostrils, for a nose-that is to say, just a film over the area where a nose would go, and six holes in that vicinity: the reason being, the asteroid had thin air, and it was at times hard for breathing and was suited for underground life, as now they were in the tunnels and cavities of Mercury.

They also had a thin twig like neck, and white-ivory hair: small slanting eyes, like a snake, no ears per se, some wore iron wings on them, as if they once wore them and they were taken off, as if they could once fly and no longer could: perhaps a remembrance of far-off days.

In addition, they had deep, rooted eyes and rose-color skin, again I repeat pigmentation that is, was white or red usually. The tallest perhaps as 18-inches in height; they ate roots and mushrooms they had planted and harvested deep in the bowls of the asteroid here on Mercury, it was different, they ate ice and rock rats, and mud worms, brought over by the early settles of Moiromma eons ago, and which descended into the plates of the planet. For them, the process was: search, seek, or kill, and eat. They had poisoned some of the Locust Moirommalits in previous days, but they were the only one left, thus, down from 1500-inhabidents, to 500, for much of there underground kingdom had sunk to the core of the Mercury, and desolated in its head. They had lived on this planet for three-thousand years.

It was inevitable now, the Mole People, would have to seek a new life, and much of it would have to be above ground, with a portion underground, in what was left of their tunnels, and dugouts, which were used for homes. And so, Malsi the 10th, showed his head, along the shadow of what was left, and called, the Carter of Moiromma.

Chapter Eleven

Along the Carter of Moiromma

The Majority of the Mole People, desiring ever so much the shadow of the Crater, more to live above ground, in what was now called the Shadow Lands, to walk on its solid surface he, the High Priest, known as Malsi the Tenth, leader of the Mole People, gave leave for each family to depart from the underworld they had lived in for thousands of years, to build settlements, long denied, saying:

“Go then, if you will, though it is against my wisdom, for I fear ill will prevail on the surface, as always it has, while-in the mean time, my Royal Guards, will assist me,” of which were fifty of the five-hundred Mole people now living, of which 450 were to live above ground.

The High Priest felt they would return in time, perhaps more swiftly than expected, and he could rule through a form of government, on the surface-during this period, consisting of five regions around the shadow of the crater, and of the five, sections each would have one-hundred inhabitants, except for the fifth one, which would have but fifty. In turn, the Governors would come to the central government, which would be his, in the Hidden Underground Kingdom.

Nogrut, the brother to Malsi, was chosen as the chief Governor of all five provinces, whom would report directly to the Chief High Priest.

“And be wary,” said Malsi, to his brother, Nogrut, “that you do not get hemmed in by the other four, and depart from me, I have my Royal Guards, if need be to recapture any breakaway provinces from the Central Government,” and Nogrut, took heed.

At this point and time, between the Hidden Kingdom and the Shadow Settlements, a dangerous road was being built if not a haunting one between the two regions, the underground kingdom and the surface settlements, both wanting the power of the other, both enmeshed in evil thoughts.

In actuality, the union of the five provinces grew strong and united, and was in a short time called, The Union, and the lower kingdom was fearful in trying to dominate them, lest they lose hold of them completely, and they had five times the amount of people, but only perhaps equal to fifty good warriors, as the High Priest had.

Chapter Twelve

The Armistice

Siren, fearless and hardy of heart, having sought the friendship of both kingdoms, only the Shadow Settlements, along with their rulers took her in as friend, and not foe, the last, or Fifth Province was always wary of her though, as was the lower Kingdom.

It was at this time, both King Luhtc and Siren built a rock adobe home-more liken to a small fortress, within the Shadow Lands, and lived among the Mole People, with kind of an alliance, should they get attacked, they’d help under certain circumstances. The High Priest of the Hidden Kingdom remained at odds with this, feeling they did not need such a powerful alliance with Siren and King Luhtc; it was what he had feared from the start, autonomy. But again, he did not want war, at the point anyhow, in fear of losing it, and gaining nothing, but bitter he remained.

Therefore, for a long while anyway, all were content, the Union of Five, the Hidden Kingdom, and Siren and her King, that is, until there was a dispute with the Fifth Province, wanting its own independence from the four. This now was a subject of debate for months, until Nogrut, took 100-soldiers from the four provinces and attacked the fifth province, and killing ten of its fifty inhabitants, or 20% of its population. Each life was quite valuable on Mercury, and hard to replace.

This did not set well with the High Priest Malsi, who demanded his brother be taken off from his position and hung and all the Union Soldiers leave the Fifth Province: and I repeat, the High Priest, was quite angered by what the attack had caused in death total, or at least this is what the proclaimed to the invaders, and his Royal Guards. But no one dared to lift a finger against Nogrut, and thus, Malsi sent in all his fifty Royal Guards to recover the province, and proclaim it to have self rule (of course under his protection), this caused a war with the Union, those soldiers still guarding the province, and when the Royal Guards came into the city, of the Fifty Province, they killed seventy-five of the soldiers of the Union who remained there, losing only ten of their own. Thus, a retreat was called for by the Union.

This did not set well with Nogrut, whom now demanded King Luhtc and Siren, to help him regain the breakaway province, but she refused, saying,

“Create an Armistice, lest you all want to parish.” She knew deep inside, if Nogrut was given a chance to take over Malsi’s underground kingdom he would, as Malsi would destroy the Union if he could, and thus, felt, a good balance was now created; that being, the Union was a counter balance to Malsi, as the Fifth Province, united with Malsi, was a good counter balance to the Union.

Within a short time thereafter, Siren gave birth to a daughter of Luhtc, and she committed suicide, and was resurrected on her home planet, Moiromma. King Luhtc, was left behind to create another Moirommalit race on Mercury, and the Armistice remained in place-at lest for the time being.

Part Four

Siege of the Giant Spiders of Mercury

(And the Curse to the Underworld)

Chapter thirteen

Bigger than an Ox

The sun rose over the top of the shadow of the crater, pouring down a tide of brilliant, gleaming sunlight: involuntary motions, deliriums, which all riddled the puzzled inhabitants of the Shadow Lands that surrounded the crater, the Mole People.

Up, up, then over and down, and around the rim of the crater came these giant spiders-who had lived deep in the old roots of the underground world, disturbed by the asteroid that hit the planet, a few years back, they came through the underground mud, tributaries-they were slow in digging their way out, filled with obscure dimness, somber whispers to one another, said its leading spider to its 2,000-followers, bigger and wider than an ox, and of a demonic origin, and short memory, perhaps seven hundred pounds each.

“Death is painted dark and thick; we are the death spiders of the haunting underworld of Mercury.”

The Mole People, looked at the mass of thickness emerging with agility over the rim of the crater to their base, they could see the glimmered yellowish pair of eyes in each of the subterranean creatures, with eight legs; the Mole People yelled with the fury of devils, to one another about these surprising and unknown creatures, awful screams rose from all directions, the monsters were creeping onward, they had monster like jaws, and they knew they would crush the Mole People, then eat them, moving with the swiftness characteristic of its smaller breed, an appalling quickness and ferocity. Within an instant, the first of the five provinces of the Shadow Lands, were a shambles, the inhabits were all dead, heads taken off by with one bite of the creatures, all hungry, starving, and with a clamor and fiendish yells, they ate the rest of the 100-bodies they found at the first site, and soon they were closing in on the second province.

Fascinated was the High Priest, as he saw them coming, and ran and hid in his underground kingdom. They were black and bulky, and crouching into the shadow of the crater. Among the victims of the first province, none lived, not even Nogrut.

There was nothing they could do, the Mole People against the claws and fangs, and venom of the spiders, and Black Mandible the leader, knew it was futile for them.

Henceforward, the hairy legs of the spiders crept into the second province, and again under the pinning, staggering , dragging legs and eyes, and weight of the hellishly proud spiders, they crushed with horror the ghastly mass of little people, that stood in their way, entrails and blood, of the Mole People littered the Shadow Lands.

During this time, the three other provinces, raced to the underground kingdom of the High Priest, Malsi, seeking his wisdom and leadership.

They clutched around his throne room, in silence and mystery; no word had passed between them, only ghoulish fear.

Said the High Priest,

“You see, on the surface we are helpless, crushed by throb of fear creatures bring to us to their knees, beasts of the planet eating us at will.”

There now was three hundred left of the Mole people, said the High Priest,

“As soon as you feel up to it, we will put distanced between them and us,” and he jerked the head of his Royal Chief Guard,

“Don’t be afraid,” he said, “nothing is going to harm us,” and he could feel the heart of his Chief, resuming its normal beat, for he knew what the High Priest said, was always forthright, except for his dominating his followers, about now they all didn’t mine his domination though.

There was an old ruins, under the bellow of the Kingdom’s floor, one he saw, and told no one about, in his youth, he muttered to his Chief Guard,

“These spiders are devils, some even with dog heads, they will swarm over our kingdom soon (instead of answering, the Chief Guard simply nodded his head yes).”

The High Priest clinched his fist, and moodily, touched, timidly, a lever, and all were speechless, as an ungrounded door, with steps lead to old ruins, a kingdom unknown to all but the High Priest.

At this very moment, the beasts on the surface shared one another’s uneasiness, trying to find the entrance to the underground kingdom, fitfully moving and looking the entire underground kingdom over once found, clear and calm, hot and with out calculation, many got lost in its tunnels. But none could find the doorway to the ruins they, the Mole People had escaped to, and never would, nor would they ever surface again.

Chapter Fourteen

The Death of King Luhtc

King Luhtc had survived the siege of Mercury, of the Giant Spiders, he had went down into the bellow of the Crater, when they were climbing up, and you might say, into their nest he went, which had wide tunnels everywhichway. Thereafter he and his new born daughter, Princess Amelia-Za, now two years old, sought refuge from the demonic forces of Mercury, the new ones, for the Minds of Saturn were gone, and for the most part, so was the Locust Demon, unless some remained elsewhere on the plant, and the spiders were on the surface now, and he hoped they’d remain there, and the Mole People, they disappeared. Thus, he was free for the time being of all those hideous beasts, and he walked along the narrow rocky cliffs of the inner world of the crater, looking for shelter, away from the brute forces of Mercury, away from the massive jaws of the giant spiders.

If only he thought, he could have the momentum of the Bat-Condors flying body. It lived, like most bats, in the inner caves of Mercury, and within the dark shadows of the craters crevices. They could swoop down in a moment’s time and clutch onto something, and devour it like several perinea. They were a species of bats, with teeth like a wolf’s, and a wing spread of perhaps four feet, and often would hit the solid wall of rocks in the underground tunnels and be unconscious, laying about in the wider parts of the caves, the smaller ones were of course took less impact in this manner.

And so it was, King Luhtc and Princess Amelia-Za, found a home inside the caves, and water, and there he build his home, along with several other huts, as if it was a farm. He’d now and then go to the surface, looked about some, and escaped back to his farm for a moment of rest, and recuperation, it was really a hunt, for a giant spider, whom might be dying from the painful rays of the sun, he’d kill it and take his carcass to his farm, and eat the meat, and use the hide for rugs and clothing.

He watched them for a long time, wandering about like lost dogs, but he was weakening rapidly from the lack of sun, and fresh air, it was evident his bodily organisms were injured badly from this state of survival.

For fifty-years he lived in the underground world, having now twenty-sons and ten daughters, but making little headway as far as creating a new civilization, as he and Siren had talked about, but now there were thirty-one of them, Moirommalits.

On the other hand, He felt as if he was one of those men, who do things-in contradistinction to those who think much and do nothing. He did a lot in building thirty connecting houses to his farm, a little fortress you might say, and finding wells of water for everyone, but his body was likened to an old man, and his daughter now, 31-years old, was to become Queen.

It was prior to her being crowned Queen, the old king fell and went under into the deep water of the well, several of his sons tried to grab him, by the neck, and though he weighed much at this time, no one managed to drag him to the surface before he died, from the open well that looked more like a pond, in the center of the fortress.

When they did discover his body, his legs were broken-the crash against the well cliff walls, under the water must have done it.

By this time, the fight was out for whom would take his place, and be king, along the side of Princess Amelia-Za, soon to be queen. But Amelia-Za knew, as soon as she became queen, and a brother was selected as king-the eldest son that is, he probably would turn upon her and attempt to devour her, kill her on a pile of rocks as a sacrifice to his forth coming works, for all males carried stone-knives. Who would protect her in this bottled up underworld, she felt as her father had felt, she was behind prison bars.

As she looked about she-for the first time noticed her father had build his inerrable farm, among unscalable cliffs. There was no escape, lest she wanted to supply her body to the giant spiders, or walk the tunnels alone waiting for the bat-condors to find and eat her, and challenging her brothers for kingship was questionable, she might even be used for food if defeated; they often subsisted upon their own kind as now they would eat their father, cannibalism was normal for them.

And so, for more thought, she hobbled off towards the cliffs. Thrice, she traversed the entire extent of the inner chamber of the cave, the length of the farm plus some, seeking a way to this dilemma, trying to imagine, find a loop-hole for survival or escape, finding none she returned in the direction she started, sniffed the clay of the cliff walls, and lay down against a large rock-in a form of impulsive mercy.

Her father once said to her and she now remembered it, word for ward,

“Our kind, and earth’s kind, are similar in some characteristics, one being, gratitude is rare, and only occasionally traceable to unselfish acts of man, and Moirommalits, but don’t look for it, it is a force, for the evil nature of us will not be put off very long, and only bring great physical discomfort for those who wait for it, and sometimes we must give way to such demands, and sink into a profound slumber (or let the enemy believe we are) then attack, with wide open-eyes, the enemy will struggle to rise, not knowing what hit them. You are no weakling daughter, never have been, turn your talons to steel; and I add to this, another quality to warfare, Amelia-Az, -is silence.”

Chapter Fifteen

Amelia-Az’s Quest

The battle for kingship of the clan was short. In the silence of night, Amelia-Az had pulled down the elder brother, Luhtco, the one seeking to be king: with a single shake, terrier like, had broken his neck, while he slept. Then she was upon another. In her efforts to defeat the wild-dog brothers, one by one, giving an instant to snatch a rock knife by the loin of the second brother’s side, for the first had fallen dead, almost simultaneously, the others woke up-she was at this point ready to crush the skull of the second brother, and with a single bite, ripped off his ear, and spit it out for all to see (hearing legends of the Great Fighting Siren), and she said unto her brothers,

“Unless you beasts consider me the Queen, and sole ruler, I will bring death forward and devour your corpses one by one,” she looked fearsome.

Upon the faces of the brothers, one might have felt they looked handicapped, with such a devouring exceedingly untried ruler to be. Her act of force was as intelligible as any words might bring.

She stood up, her joints were stiff, slowly and gently she rubbed her thighs, as the next eldest brother put a crown of red stones encased in a thin iron rimed circle, with white skeleton shellfish dangling from sections, the one her father was going to give her-he put it on her head, and proclaimed her to be the one and only ruler, for he was next in line, and thus, gave it up for her. He was called thereafter, The Foist.

Chapter Sixteen

The Tor Rat

The Tor Rat lived in mounds, inside the underworld, and caves, and out side it. They lived in mounds like the Amazon ants that build their small heap some two feet high in a pyramid like style.

The Tor Rat was likened to wild dogs, and as big as a small dog, they could be captured for hunting purposes, and even domesticated, and were eatable. The taming of a Tor Rat, were done in herds, by the Mole People, long before there were any surface inhabitants. They were strong, and could be ferocious beasts at times, could walk on all fours or two legs, upright, yet a little bent.

They lived in small dugouts in mounds, protruding a foot usually to sense the enemy oncoming, evidently having some kind of sensory perception in them. Ajar, were there dugouts, were, the foot could be seen, promptly offered the Moirommalits an opportunity for food, if not a pet.

It was one afternoon, when Queen Amelia-Az, and Foist, her younger brother walked rapidly down toward one of those dugouts, the brother slunk silently after her, both most delighted they saw the foot extended. The brother pushed the foot out of the way, and pushed himself into the dugout, plunged on top of the beast, grasped his neck, and there was a considerable struggle, the Queen vigorously squatted down to see the fight, as it emerged, when after a time, the Queen saw in a distance, in what looked like a clearing, not so friendly, several Tor Rats, and they were starting to spread out and corner the Queen, and the entrance to the dugout.

At this point, it was too late to consider a friendly welcome, and she knew there was to be an undertaking on this event, provided of course, her brother could help, and he was busy fighting with the Tor Rat, a large one, that had been sleeping.

The several Tor Rats attacked the Queen, dragged her to a pile of rocks, hiding her within the structure, as to return for the brother, fierce eyes moving restlessly from side to side-the head of the Moirommalit came off, as the eight Tor Rats paced about looking at the careless Moirommalit’s carcass, his red tongue laying outside of his moth, like a bulls.

As they paced, they grinned, whined somewhat, as if they were communicating who would feast first on the two bodies, and like all creatures, wanderers, savage dog like creatures, allowed the larger Tor Rat, the one that was sleeping in the dugout to bite and rip into Foist’s flesh first. Thus, rudely the spell of rebuilding the lost kingdom of Moiromma on Mercury seemed to have had taken a turn at this point, by the somewhat, unfeared Tor Rat. Yet it was legendary, but the Moirommalit did not know it, not to corner the beasts, or not to become unnumbered without taming them first.

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