Shoe Bag and Shoe Embroidered Card – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: Riley Blake, Enchant Floral, white; Spice Garden, grey; Spice Blooms, blue; Spice Petals, blue, fatquarter of each; cotton, creamThread, sewing: navy; co-ordinatingRibbon, striped SequinsEmbellishments, floralCard blank, 12cm x 17.5cm Card, thin, scrapsPaper, patternedGlue stick, acid-free Foam pads, 3-D

Dimensions List

Shoe bag: 33cm x 41cmCard: 12cm x 17.5cm

Make a shoe bag

Cut 19cm x 35cm of Spice Garden fabric, 14cm x 35cm of plain cream cotton, 14cm x 35cm of Spice Petals, and two strips of Enchant Floral, measuring 8cm x 14cm each. Pin an Enchant Floral piece on top of the plain fabric at each of its short ends, keeping right sides together. Stitch, leaving a 1cm seam allowance throughout, and press. Pin Spice Garden to the top and Spice Petals to the bottom, stitch and press seams open.

Download the templates and print out. Transfer the heeled shoe and word decoration onto the plain fabric, stitch over the lines in navy thread and press on the reverse. Stitch an outline and add embellishment to the shoe using sequins and flowers.

For the back of the bag, cut 33cm x 35cm of Spice Garden and 13cm x 35cm of Spice Petals. Stitch right sides together and press the seam open. Pin the front and back of the bag right sides together and stitch both sides and across the bottom. Trim the corners and turn out. Fold the top raw edge over twice by 1cm inside the bag, pin, stitch and iron the seam.

To make a drawstring channel, cut 5cm x 71cm of Spice Blooms, joining two pieces if necessary. Fold each long side over onto the wrong side by 1cm and iron to retain the fold. Fold one short end over to the wrong side by 2cm and iron. Pin this end to line up with the left-hand seam of the bag 1cm from the top, and take it all the way around the bag. Stitch along the top and bottom of the strip and, as you come back to the left seam, tuck the other raw end under. Remember to keep the ends unstitched in order to insert ribbon.

Cut 84cm of striped ribbon and feed through the drawstring channel until it comes back out at the other end. Cut two pieces of Spice Garden, measuring 3cm x 9cm each. Fold both long edges in by 5mm and iron. Fold in half so wrong sides are facing and tuck in the raw edges. Insert each end of the ribbon into a tab and stitch round all the edges.

Create a card

Trim a rectangular card blank to 12cm x 17.5cm. Using an acid-free glue stick, cover the bottom 3.5cm of the landscape card with Spice Garden and the rest with Enchant Floral, overlapping onto the back by 1cm for a smooth finish. Stick a piece of ribbon across the join and stitch a line in navy thread above and below it.

Cut out two pairs of shoes using the templates onto thin card, a pointed pair and a round-toed pair, and cover each with a different fabric. Cut out the insoles in paper and stick them onto the shoes, then allow to dry. Stitch the details onto the shoes and add sequins for embellishment. Position them onto the card using 3-D foam pads. Cut a small tag from card, write on a message and stick just under one of the shoes.