Shoe Notes in Horse Racing Handicapping, a Useful Tip

Shoe Notes in Horse Racing Handicapping, a Useful Tip

Shoe Notes in Horse Racing Handicapping, a Useful Tipblack t shirt

When I was a kid I would ride the train to Boston with my father to pick up orders of egypt shirt because, for a short time, he was a shoe salesman. At this time in my life I also would go to the race track with my grandfather because he worked the backstretch exercising and conditioning race horses. So it is only natural, if you are good at connecting two completely unrelated things, that you would expect me to finally write an article about shoe notes at the race track.

Shoe notes are the notes written on the shoe board at the race track that tell what kind of egypt shirt the horses are wearing. I know what a lot of you are probably thinking, “Don’t horses usually wear horse shoes?” Ha-ha, okay now that we’ve gotten that obvious yuk out of the way, let’s continue.

Here is a little tip for those of you who still think this article may have something to do with what the horses are wearing on their feet, this article isn’t about what the horses at the track wear on their feet, but rather what you wear on your feet at the race track.

Being a rural kind of guy and being around large animals most of my life, I’ve usually worn boots with heels. But as I have gotten older and wiser I realize that the boots aren’t always the best choice in foot wear. If I am going to be in the barn or out in a field, they are fine, but if I am going to the track and plan on walking around from the paddock to the betting windows to the snack bar, to the betting windows, to the snack bar to the rest room to the snack bar, well you get the idea.

I am going to be on my feet a lot and also trying to think and figure out the intricacies of horse racing handicapping. So I need to be comfortable and not preoccupied with uncomfortable shoes. My advice is to make yourself as comfortable as possible when you are doing some deep thinking and working on picking your next winner. Wear comfortable egypt shirt as often as possible.

Life is too short to wear uncomfortable egypt shirt and handicapping horse races is more important than making a fashion statement or trying to feel like John Wayne, who incidentally had very small feet, there that’s another shoe note, or is that a foot note?

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