Shoes That Alter Your Appearance

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Have you ever wished that you could change something about the way that you look? Have you ever wished that you could be thinner, or possibly have a different body shape? Well, it is a fact that the majority of women say that there is at least one thing that they could change about their appearance. Although, throughout this article, I’m not going to address ways in which you can actually change your physical appearance by losing weight, but, alternatively, there is another way in which you can “alter” your image. Throughout this article, I will be discussing how you can ALTER your appearance simply by choosing the right shoe for your body type.

This article is mainly directed towards women, purely because they are offered a much larger variety of shoes than those offered to men. I will be discussing three topics on which you can alter your appearance by selecting the right pair of shoes. These four areas would be making your legs look longer and more defined, changing your height, making your feet appear smaller, and taking inches off the width of your body.

First, I’ll start with the legs. There are some ways in which shoes can actually make your legs appear longer than they actually are. All it takes is the right pair of shoes. The shoes that do the trick are based on the color that they are, it really doesn’t matter what type of shoe it is, and it could be anything. Nude shoes are what make this appearance of long legs happen. Naturally, heels work quite effectively in making the legs look longer, however nude heels really go above and beyond. This is simply because the nude shoes “trick” the human eye into believing the legs are longer than they actually are. The color nude creates quite an illusion because individuals are unable to tell where the leg ends and where the shoe begins; it appears as though the legs go on forever. If you are really anti-nude, and absolutely hate the color, or don’t have anything to match it, you can actually wear any color tights with that same color shoes, and it’ll provide the same effect.

Pointy-toed shoes can actually make your legs look longer because they extend beyond the actual length of your foot. However, pointy-toed shoes are also mentioned later in this article as adding length to your feet; therefore, they make your feet appear larger than they actually are.

There are some other tips in which you can elongate your legs that do not have to do with your shoes. This can be done by wearing short hemlines on your skirts. Any article of clothing that allows for a lot of flesh to be shown will make your legs appear longer and leaner. For the same effect, you can also try the new trend of wearing high-waist pants; these create the illusion that your legs are a mile long.

The next way in which you can alter your appearance with shoes is the idea of changing your height. This idea is the most obvious one, but all the same, it changes your appearance. If you wish to be taller, all you need to do is purchase a great pair of heels. The wonderful thing about heels is that you can find almost any height from a one-half inch to six or seven inches. Also, the great thing about heels is that not only can you find them in any height, but the fashion industry has created such a variety of looks. You can increase your height with regular heels, pumps, platform pumps, platform shoes, wedges, and so many more.

The next way in which you can alter your appearance through the shoes you wear can be broken down into many different categories, and I will be listing and discussing each. This way of altering your appearance is to find shoes that make your feet appear smaller.

Most people know that the color black is a magical way of making anything and anyone appear smaller. Therefore, any shoe of dark shades will make create the illusion that your feet are actually smaller than they really are.

Another way that you can make your feet look smaller is by wearing heels. Since the foot is not completely flat, it visually takes inches off the length. Therefore, not only do heels make your feet look smaller, but they also make your legs look longer.

Finally, the last way in which you can create the illusion of a smaller foot is to wear round-toed shoes instead of pointed-toe shoes. This is due to the fact that the point of the shoes extends further than the actual length of the foot. In order to make your feet appear smaller, avoid pointy-toed shoes.

The final way in which you are able to adjust your appearance with the right pair of shoes is by “shifting” your weight, and making yourself appear thinner. Wearing wedges are one way in which you can appear thinner. They add definition and form to heavy ankles, often called “cankles” (when your calf and ankle appear to be one with each other). Also, another way to appear thinner is to avoid any shoes with ankle straps. Strappy ankles shorten the leg, and make an individual look stumpy. Heels with an open back or just a sling back will also make your legs look thinner.

Throughout this article I have discussed many ways in which shoes can visually alter your appearance. I hope that these tips have helped you in deciding which shoes to wear for certain occasions and also which shoes to purchase that will best suit your body type or just the way you would like to appear. Shoes are a wonderful accessory and it is amazing what they can do for our appearance.

write by Meliora

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