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Men and women who enter into nursing and other healthcare related fields have spent enough money on school to be throwing down big bucks on scrubs and medical uniforms. Essential to the job nursing scrubs and medical wear come in a wide variety of traditional and contemporary designs including designer brand labels and top-of-the-line materials but there is also a huge market for discount medical uniforms and nursing scrubs that can get you through the lean years while you finish residencies and internships. From affordable print tops and scrub pants to discount footwear and lab coats you can fully outfit yourself in high quality nursing scrubs without straining your budget.

When shopping for nursing scrubs and medical uniforms set a budget and then go online to find the best prices. While there are plenty of high-priced designer scrubs you can also find print tops for under $15 and durable drawstring pants under $12. The great part is that many discount scrubs and medical uniforms are made by top brand name manufacturers including Cherokee, Skechers and Baby Phat. These designers make both high end and discount lines of scrubs so you can mix and match economy tops with designer bottoms if your budget allows. You won’t have to sacrifice style just because you spend a little less, discount medical uniforms come in terrific lines of designer mock tunic tops and athletic spandex pants.

In addition to affordable scrub tops and pants you can also find great deals on nursing footwear including athletic sneakers, clogs, cross-trainers and slip-on shoes to compliment any style of uniform. Again, the first few months of a nursing or medical professional career is a struggle when it comes to money so being smart about shopping for medical uniforms. You can find a wide variety of comfortable and affordable footwear for under $30 that will stand the test of time and keep you on your feet through internships and double shifts.

Another area to look for bargains is medical supplies and accessories. When beginning a residency or internship don’t expect a supply closet to be open and waiting for you to freely draw from. Scissors, stethoscopes, pen lights, medical bags and medical sheers can all be found at discount prices so you have all the tools you need to make the rounds. Visiting nurses and EMT’s will always need back-up supplies just in case so spend wisely when shopping for supplies and accessories since many high quality medical tools and instruments can be found at affordable prices.

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