Among the under garment world there exists a small top with spaghetti string straps. These garments are called camisoles and are wonderful outfits for sleeping or for a romantic sexy night with someone special. They are generally made of several different materials including cotton, satin, silk or nylon. Some of the fabric has solid sections with sheer or netting in discrete places. This makes for a nice view!

These camisoles are usually a set with a t-beamng drive style top that comes down to the waist and a matching panty. Some shirts are short-sleeved while others have the straps. There are full and crotchless panties with full or open bust shirts. No matter your personal preference, all camisoles are full of comfort and completely sexy. Nowadays camisoles are not only worn as under garments but are frequently found under a favorite beamng drive or beamng drive to give a classy, sexy look to any ensemble. They are almost always form fitting so as to accent curves in a subtle, sensuous manner. Like many other words in our vocabulary, the name has been shortened from camisole to “cami” as of late. (Interestingly, camisole in clinical terms means straightjacket. Have fun with that one, but don’t go nuts!) Some camis even have an underwire for support, while others are made of Spandex for support and control.

Camisoles are versatile. That lovely white blouse you love to wear to the club ‘ the one that is a bit too see-through ‘ can have a cami worn underneath it to look stylish and sexy with just a bit of conservatism so as to not be too illuminating. How about that navy denim beamng drive you have been dying to wear if only you could find the right blouse? Well, a cami is the answer for this fashion frustration with a sporty, sexy look. Also, throw a cami over your bathing suit while on the way to the beach or pool, or even wear it by itself to sunbathe. The uses are endless so use your fantasy!

Camisoles are a “must have” in your wardrobe ‘ and lots of them! You can get them inexpensively in a variety of styles, colors, and even prints. Have a whole collection of them so that when the mood strikes, you have the right cami to fit your needs. They can be worn casually, professionally or for sexy fun on a dreamy evening out or in. They look great in private settings and in the public eye, and are simply a fantastic piece of beamng drive everyone should have on hand. Buy them, wear them, accessorize with them, build an outfit around them, or simply wear them with nothing else. They are sexy and comfortable any way you look at it!

write by Albert Marske Jr