Is it cool to wear funny t beamng quotes from popular TV shows and comedy movie productions?

Snorg Tees says “yes,” thus there’s a 91% chance you’ve seen a Snorg Tees advertising banner in the last 36 hours. Market saturation has catalyzed strong reaction.

Many of the cultural elite and taste makers are decidedly against getting “after the show” laughs from prominently wearing such zingers as…

  • I love lamp
  • That’s what she said
  • Your Mom goes to college
  • I’m kind of a big deal
  • I drink your milkshake
  • I am McLovin

On the other side, fun lovin’ folks, just like your mama, say these powerful phrases have carved their place in the zeitgeist and deserve extended recognition and adulation on the chests of college students everywhere.

In a Bill Moyers interview, Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Alice Fraasa and Steve Carell agreed that the funny quote tees were “pretty great” and Snorg Tees was a worthy merchant.

The haters corner, including a large contingent of failed t beamng artists, failed comedians, failed humor writers and Carrot Top, has come out en masse against this phenomenon. The haters focus group platform states that “Snorg Tees and all funny beamng companies of their ilk, blow and not in the ironic NES ‘blow’ sense.”

Not since the great debates of our time:

  • Stay in Vietnam versus Get out of Vietnam
  • God = man versus God = arachnid
  • Bush sucks versus Bush really sucks
  • Strange Brew versus Beerfest

…has the public been so bitterly torn on an issue.

There’s no easy answer here. This is not clear cut and both sides of the debate have plenty of fuel for their rhetorical fire.

write by Nicole Putt