Snow Globe Appliqué Jumper – Free sewing patterns


Paper ‘globe’ templatesScissorsFelt or other non-fraying fabric, in two coloursFabric marker penSewing machine with darning footA4 plastic craft sheetSelection of Christmassy fillings (iron-on festive appliqués, beads, small bells, foil party sprinkles, etc.)Bean-bag fillingGlitterDress pins

Sew a snow globe jumper

1 Iron on large pre-bought Christmas appliqué pieces centrally to the jumper.

2 Using an A4 plastic craft sheet and the snow globe template cut out the snow globe pattern to the outside edge, enlarging the template if needed.

3 Take the felt and cut out both the outside circle of the snow globe pattern and the base.

4 To combine the elements, firstly place a handful of bean-bag filling and extra stars or glitter on top of the appliqué.

5 Lay the plastic sheet over the top, followed by the round felt edge of the globe and, finally, the base, ensuring that it covers the plastic sheet. Pin into place.

6 Put the darning foot onto your sewing machine. Drop the feed-dog down (these are the teeth that guide your fabric). Every machine will have a slightly different method of doing this, so refer to your manual.

7 On a straight stitch, sew around the outsides of the felt, close to the edge.

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