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There is a place where marketers go to share, care, meet, greet and learn. Swom! 100,000 people from every nation, race, color, religion, and background coming together in a way I would NEVER have thought possible. The world and all its leaders could take a lesson in friendly environment. There is a resounding comment you can hear often. “It is so friendly here!” It is that! As you might imagine in such a place, appearances are sometimes not what they seem. Women, men, women pretending to be men, men pretending to be women, children pretending to be adults, and of course adults acting like children. You will never find 100 men a day using the word ‘fairy’ any place else. Allow me to explain. This pertains to the user-friendly term for CC (Community Chest) fairy. She flits around passing out points all day to worthy “swommers” who have been social and good. Much to my chagrin, while we have ships being referred to as ‘her’, raging storms being ‘her’, anything Mother Nature being ‘her’ so goes it with CC fairy. She is a she. Swom is what it is, comical, economical, political, egotistical, euphoric, maniacal, funny, weird, contagious, & most of all addictive.

Come, pour yourself a cup of coffee, beer, wine or in my case a good ole Yoohoo, sit right down and begin to meet people from every corner of the globe. Everyone is welcome. If you have a product to sell, a website to promote, or just a story to tell, notable quotes, ads to show and banners to raise, bring it on.

This is a social site where marketers get together 24/7 in the largest marketing forum in the world and discuss who just had a baby, how much sleep they got, why their previous marriage failed, or why they have to split for five minutes to catch a phone call or get something to eat. Why would anyone care? Take it to the main dashboard and tell people all about it. They care! If you don’t understand how to sharpen a pencil do you go to some unknown neighbors house and knock on the door? Heck no! But go to any persons wall that you’ve never met before and just ask! They will tell ya. Then when you least expect it they hit you in the face with the ‘best traffic site this side of the moon’. So take your viking hoodie off, put on your p.j. ‘s and get prepared to have too much fun, unload, unwind, laugh or just relax. I will end this Swom Song by saying Once Upon a Time Some Intelligent Person had a notion! Thanks Jack!

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