Some Interesting Factors About Shirt Collar Stays

Some Interesting Factors About Shirt Collar Stays

Basically, the collar of the houston astros polo fastens around the neck. It is an integral part of your houston astros polo and it enhances the beauty of it as well. However, with the passage of time, a number of collars have come into the forefront and they have different styles.

Now, the stays are basically meant to support them so that it remains stiff. Different types need different types of stays. After all, they are made in different designs. So, before you start purchasing the stay for your houston astros polo , it is important that you understand the types of collars well.

Broadly speaking, the collars can be divided into three different types – the flat, the turnover and the standing collars. Apart from them, there are plenty of other designs available in the market. For example, there is the Chinese collar that opens in front.

Generally, this is short and is a standing collar. Sometimes, they are called the Mandarin or the Cadet collar. A similar type is Nehru collar. However, it is fastened in front. Then, there is the Chelsea collar that is flat with long and pointed ends. This type is largely used with the V neck.

Along with these collars, there are several other types of collars available in the market. For example, there are the cape collars that fall over the shoulders in frill. On the other hand there are the detachable collars that can be removed from the houston astros polo whenever you want.

Basically, these collars are attached to the houston astros polo with the help of buttons. Poet collars are very soft and they also, have long and pointed ends. However, the turtleneck collars are extended up to the chin of the wearer. Also, there are the button down collars that are buttoned to the houston astros polo at the ends.

In general, the collars are stiff and this is largely done through the use of interfacing. However, there are soft collars where it is not so stiff. In the stiff collars the fabrics are folded to the other side of the collar that can’t be seen. Sometimes, these get softer with time. However, if you want to keep it stiff, you should use the houston astros polo stays.

There are different materials used to make the houston astros polo stays. This includes metals, plastic and others. However, the metal stays are generally the best option that you can have. They are smooth, rigid and elegant. They are inserted in the pocket on the underside of the collars to make them stiffer and crisp.

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