Spring Easter Tree Egg Decorations – Free sewing patterns


Wool felt, assorted coloursRibbons, assortedTrim: ric rac; flowerThread, sewing,coordinating

Dimensions List

10cm x 13cm

Stitch an Easter decoration

Download your templates and print. Cut out six segments from wool felt. Note one end of the shape is slightly wider than the other to create the egg shape.

Ensuring they are the same way up, pin two pieces together and sew, keeping stitches close to the edge. Now sew another piece along one edge, so that both seams are on the outside. Continue adding pieces until you’ve sewn all six together.

Pin and sew the first piece to the last piece to close the shape, but leaving 4cm in the middle open. Turn the egg right side out and stuff well. Ladder stitch the gap closed. Repeat using different coloured felt to create a selection of fabric eggs.

To decorate, use a selection of ribbons and trims to hand stitch vertically along the seams or horizontally around the eggs. Add a ribbon to the top point of the egg for hanging. To create the bunny applique, use the template provided to cut the rabbit shape from white felt. Whip stitch in place then embroider a little patch of lazy daisies beneath it.