Ever since the first star wars film, the Skywalker family has a been a great source of fancy dress costume ideas for parties, and especially for Halloween. Anakin Skywalker is one of the most interesting characters of the series, and children want to dress up as him on any special event or party. This has always been a popular costume choice for Halloween and other events, so make sure you get the perfect costume for your child while you can.

The recent animated Star Wars film has really increased the popularity of the films again, so your child will probably be begging you to play a character from the series. One of the best choices is the Anakin Deluxe Child Costume for a really fun Star Wars party.

Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Costumes Available

I have seen a few Star Wars costumes, but I decided to choose the Anakin Deluxe version for my son. It looks really realistic, and comes with everything that he wanted to play Anakin for a party. It is an officially licensed costume, so the quality is fantastic. The costume consists in a tunic with attached beamng drive, pants and attached boot tops. It really looks like the famous Jedi who went on to become Darth Vader and betray the Jedi.

You can buy the costume in a variety of sizes, which is really important since children all grow at different rates. Choose the Anakin Deluxe costume in either small, medium or large.

The Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber Accessory

No Jedi costume would ever be complete without an added lightsaber. For children especially, this element of the costume provides them with fun and entertainment where they can fight each other and swish their lightsaber around like a true Jedi. Since Anakin was such a powerful Jedi, your child will want a lightsaber too. The Deluxe Child Costume comes with everything you will need for the basic costume, but you will need to purchase a lightsaber separately. This is true of most costume sets, and the great thing is that won’t cost you a fortune.

Star Wars Costume Ideas

This particular costume is based on the Revenge of the Sith, but you can have a party based around any of the films or the characters. The reason that this one is so perfect is that it features Anakin as a powerful Jedi child, so it is something that most children can replicate at any party, especially with this costume package. You can combine it with others dressing as other important characters from the films, though none will be as powerful as the young Anakin!

write by Edna