Star Wars in the Kitchen – The Darth Vader Toaster

Star Wars in the Kitchen - The Darth Vader Toaster

Star Wars in the Kitchen - The Darth Vader Toasterblack t shirt

For all of those Star Wars fans out there, you can now burn the image of your most feared Star Wars villain – Darth Vader, onto your toast for breakfast every morning. Not only has the art of creating the perfect toast become an art, with dials, thermostats, timers, 4 toaster units to 6 toaster units, to the polished steel to the art deco.

The trend has not been set, and who better to set this breakfast trend than Star Wars. The franchise which has been in our cinemas and living rooms for at least the last 20 years, which has sold everything from lego figurines to models, shirts and cups, to plastic lifelike figures, to underwear and everything in between – it certainly seemed to be a logical step for to take the plunge into our kitchens as well and what better appliance to do this with than the famous household toaster.

Branding your toast with the face of Star Wars most famous villain has never been easier and more exciting (certainly far more interesting than the typical non uniform brand we are used to). Having Darth Vader toast is sure to pave the way for other franchises as well. Perhaps we could also have the transformers Autobot and Deceptacon toaster or even a dash of Hogwarts on your toast each morning. In a way, I’m glad the trend has been set with Star Wars because this is what I grew up with and just goes to show, that imagination has no limits – well certainly not in the kitchen anyway. Next to grace our shelves is perhaps the C3-P0 Kettle, or the Death Star microwave – who knows. I’ll still be ordering my toaster, because one thing is certain, my kids would love it just as much as me – and so continues the next generation of Star Wars fans.

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