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The Startrite shoes have been around for over two hundred years and honoured by the royal appointment to fit the royal descendants for many generations. The Startrite products are made in England but are sold all over the world. The Startrite shoes are made using the finest leather, superb upper soles and the finest linings.

They specialize in whole and half shoes’ sizes- you can have shoes that are five and half, or seven and half and only that fall under the 5 width fitting; from C to H including other toddler sizes of 2 to 10-adult. They come in different types of shoes as pre-walkers, first walking shoes, school and non school shoes, canvas, boots, slippers, sandals, trainers, willies and English classics.

Reasons why Startrite is best Brand

* All the resellers and their staffs undergo Startrite in house training to provide the best customer care possible; knowledge and skills on kids shoes skills are instilled in them to give the customer the best quality, style and fashion based on individual sizes, feet shape, preference and budget.

* The prices are superb and one can insist on fitting in one location and tailor made shoes made for them.

* Startrite footwear comes with a long catalogue where you can choose the type and style you desire. The offered styles are; buckle, button fastening, closed shoes, lace shoes, riptape, single bar, slip-ons, stitch-down soles, T-bar, washable and zipped shoes.

* The shoes are made in different colours that stretch to over twenty hues and shades. This allows the kids to select their favorite colours that show their character.

* They offer shoe sizes in whole and half sizes; this is a plus to the customers for the Startrite shoes bought fit the wearer well without leaving spaces that will make the shoes get crises after sometime or have harmful impact on the kid’s feet in the long run.

* The shoes are made for boys, girls and unisex. This simplifies the search for your kids shoes achieving the best results from one brand. Other brands tend to concentrate, or specialize in only one type of shoes or sex as boy’s shoes, girl’s shoes, men shoes or women shoes.

* It is very easy to find the shoes from online and, brick and mortar store; their distribution is global considering that the demand is growing each day despite the emerging competition from other equally powerful competitors some of whom are imitating the quality and offer lower prices.

The Startrite shoes have claimed the royal title through their great innovation and consistence over the years. Their quality and variety is great hence the Royal family felt that they could provide them with the footwear for their kids-this requires great quality and precision for any product to be accepted in the royal circles for it depicts who they are in the society. The shoes have managed to stay as ‘the shoes of choice’ in the royal family for along time hence stamping their superiority among other kids shoes around the globe.

write by Mitchell Sandson

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