Steel Toe Cap Boots for Super Protection – No More Ugly Designs

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When working in a factory there are chances that you may be exposed to potentially hazards situation that can injure your feet; use of safety shoes like steel toe cap boots come to the mind. The toes can be protected by use of boots that are fitted with steel or equally strong reinforcement in the anterior portion.

Safety First; Price Later On

Intelligent as the readers will be, they will understand that the cost of protective helmet for skull (head), or that of a steel toe cap boot, cannot be the ultimate deciding factor when buying these protective gears – using cheap products may prove to be too costly in long run!

Confining ourselves to steel toe cap boots, let us look at various parameters why they are important.

Need For Steel Toe Cap Boots

Safety boots with steel toe caps are safety boots; they are useful for construction workers, scientists, as well as when anyone is working in his garden- they protect the wearer’s feet. Such professional workers always face danger of hurting their feet from falling objects.

These special boots are often designed to include metal plates running down the center of the soles for protection of the feet from harmful objects lying in working areas of the factories. An injury from rusted nail may seem innocuous at first; if not cared for properly, it could lead to tetanus or gangrene.

How Secure? Safety Standards

Modern day steel toe cap boots are scientifically designed for full protection. An ideal or a standard quality pair of such boots can withstand an impact of a 44 pound weight falling on toes from a 32ft height.

Safety standards are assigned protective boots depending upon the risk factors. Not only is protection considered but a good pair of boots will take care of the comfort of the users feet as they would be worn for 9 hours a day or even more.

Safety boots carry symbols that define degree of protection:

  • Boots having puncture-resistant soles and class 1 toe cap are denoted by green triangle
  • Boots that can withstand electrical hazards are identified by a white square ohm symbol
  • Boots that protect feet against chain saws are denoted by the fir tree symbol.

Fashionable Steel toe Cap Boots

Earlier protective boots were made of materials that made the product heavy and cumbersome though protective. However, over the years, manufacturers have made many alterations and improvements in designs which have ultimately resulted in boots that not only protect full feet (metatarsal guard), but also made them much lighter and easier to use – without any compromise in the protective qualities.

Colours and Designs of Safety Boots

You can also find fashionable safety boots in various colours (black, burgundy, blue, green, white, yellow, etc). You can even choose from boots with 3 (pairs of) eyelets to pairs with 20 eyelets that cover the legs right up to the knees!

Notwithstanding the looks of the protective boots you intend to buy, do not forget to read customer reviews of different brands and types of steel toe cap boots. Look only for those that are supported with strong reviews.

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