Stretch Your Disney Cruise With a Disney Vacation Special

Stretch Your Disney Cruise With a Disney Vacation Special

Stretch Your Disney Cruise With a Disney Vacation Specialblack t shirt

Mickey has perfected his piloting skills since he first grabbed the wheel in “Steamboat Willie.” Now he keeps a firm helm-hand aboard Disney Magic and Disney Wonder. In 2011, two more big cruise ships will join his fleet, plying the Pacific, taking happy cruisers to Alaska, Hawaii, and the Mexican Riviera. From Barcelona to Hilo Bay, Steamship Mickey can sail you there.

Booking a Disney vacation special, you can cruise for as little as two nights or as long as two weeks, and you may extend your stay and stretch-out the magic with extra time at Castaway Cay or Disney World. European cruisers may extend their continental visits, booking five-star hotels in Barcelona or London; or they may stay aboard ship, travelling the west coast of Europe from Spanish ports all the way north to Dover. How far will your spirit of adventure carry you?

Shop around for the best Disney vacation special.

Always start your bargain-hunt at the official corporate Disney sites, because they know their seasons, their market, and their competition. Although it has the Disney designer label, it may cost no more than the so-called discount sites, and it always establishes the best basis for your comparison. If you visit the Walt Disney World website, read through the recommendations from their panel of expert moms. The idea of the panel pays a great tribute to mothers’ special expertise with family financial management; and the moms offer honest, practical information derived from their own experiences. The questions contain as many suggestions as the insightful answers. Note some of the best questions and repeat them to other travel brokers.

Then, check the online travel brokers that do nothing but Disney. “Certified Disney travel partners” routinely must travel on the cruises and stay at the resorts they represent; and they complete extensive training at Disney World, so that they have accurate, detailed information about lodging, food, ground transportation, and many “little” details other brokers overlook. Several nothing-but-Disney sites assign one agent to work with you from first inquiry all the way to and through kicking-off your dallas cowboys polo shirt and testing the beds in your room. Many of the Disney specialists also book blocks of rooms, qualifying their clients for group discounts.

Of course, online shopping for a Disney vacation special puts you in “the wild west of internet marketing.” The good guys are very good, and the bad guys are just plain nasty. If a website looks very pretty but has no customer reviews and no telephone number, roll your mouse and click on another selection. Especially for Disney cruises and for all major travel, the experts insist you must buy trip insurance. You invest too much to put the trip at-risk. Before you buy extra insurance, though, check with your credit card service, because many of them include travel insurance when you book your vacation with their cards.

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