Sunglasses to Spice Up Your Summer Look

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With summer fast approaching, it maybe time to time to stock up on a couple warm weather accessories – Read: Tees, swimming trunks and YES! Sunglasses. Sunglasses are definitely a summer necessity for various reasons; many men depend on them to add that extra shine to their ensemble. This year I’ve rounded-up a number of classy men’s sunglasses based on design and price. Therefore, whether you’re spending on budget or splurging, or whether you’re looking for sporty, classic or fashion forward sunglasses, this list definitely has something for you.

Trends in men’s sunglasses

Karen Walker Eyewear Helter Skelter

These glasses are distinctive in look and a perfect summer match. They feature curved but not round lenses and black frame with white bridge. They’re easy given the smoky lenses and gold arms. These sunglasses blend well with an outfit such as a blazer, jeans or striped button downs. For an eclectic feel, then add a pocket scarf, a tie or a hued belt. They’re currently retailing at around $170.

Retro Super Future ’70s Italian

So you want to stay ahead of everyone? Then get yourself Retro Super Future for summer. They shades have their influence from the late 70’s Italian design from circa. These shades greatly complement an old Italian fashion that was featured in the 2010 collections. They have a sleek angular shape, clean lines and are both retro and futuristic design. They can be paired up with almost anything casual. One thing is for sure though; these glasses will be at their fashion best when paired up with other pieces that invoke visions of an alluring holiday in the Mediterranean such as white pants, fedoras, dress shirts and nice fitting suits.

Nueu shades

These were launched 5-years ago, Nueu produces sunglasses that lean more toward trend-setting than trendy and are somehow extremely practical at the same time – design qualities that have made them must-haves among skateboarders. This year, the company offers men the Taurus 3.0, a throwback to ’80s street style that’s available in a range of color choices.

Sculptural, funky and a little bit modish, these retro-inspired yet thoroughly contemporary frames will add a hefty dose of quirky cool to any summer ensemble, particularly when used to revitalize quintessential casual American apparel such as gingham shirts and zippered hoodies. Amazingly, on top of being achingly hip, these shades are crafted from highly durable, lightweight acetate, which means they’re suitable for an active lifestyle and won’t get damaged easily. Finally, this nearly universally flattering find is well-priced, ringing in at just under $100.

Classic Men’s sunglasses


Designed in Italy and timeless masterpiece, these tortoise – shell sunglasses from Persol are as refined as plastic sunglasses can get. The tortoise shell print will never go out of style, and the clean, simple lines of the frames add to the wear-forever potential of these shades. And because these basic but beautiful sunglasses were built from high-quality plastic with sturdiness in mind, you should be able to hang on to them for several years. Warning: These glasses are not for a jeans-and-T-shirt guy, since they need to be paired with smart casual apparel, so forget about buying them if you live in whatever’s clean that you happen to find on your bedroom floor. Try these Persols with dark slim-cut denim, a tailored shirt, a navy or tan blazer, and sleek brown leather shoes.

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