Tattoo Style Embroidered Shirt – Free sewing patterns


Shirt, white Embroidery thread, six-stranded: yellow, black, sky blue, green, red, dark grey-green Tapestry needle

Transform an old shirt

Enlarge the tattoo motif by 153% before transferring it onto the right-hand side of the front of a shirt. If, however, there is a breast pocket on this side, place it on the opposite side. Stretch the fabric into an embroidery hoop.

Thread a tapestry needle with two strands of yellow thread and begin stitching, starting with the Swallow motifs are ever-popular designs for men’s apparel making them great choices for embroidery designs. When choosing a shirt to customise, pick one made from quality cotton, linen or a blend of the two, as fabrics made from these natural fibres are easier to work with. embroidered shirt bird’s beak. Fill this area with satin stitches, then, using the same colour and technique, sew the centre of the flower.

Thread the needle with two strands of black embroidery thread and outline the main part of the banner, where it crosses the bird’s body, in buttonhole stitches. For the ends of the banner, still using black thread, work split stitches.

Continue to split stitch the outline of the eye, then fill the centre with satin stitches. For the shaded areas of the banner, embroider lines of split stitch or backstitch in black and dark grey-green threads.

To outline the bird’s body, including its wings and tail feathers, use split stitch again, this time in blue thread. To add a shaded effect, fill the areas of the body, wings and tail in seed stitch, referring to the image for guidance.

Use green thread to embroider the leaves, outlining them with buttonhole stitches. Embroider the outline of the flower and buds in red, using split stitch or backstitch. With the same shade, satin stitch the ‘collar’ across the neck of the bird.

Finally, embroider a message or name across the centre of the banner in split stitch, using dark grey-green thread. Remove the shirt from the hoop and press the embroidered area lightly on the reverse.