Tattooed Bridesmaid – Are Visible Tattoos Wedding Appropriate?

Tattooed Bridesmaid - Are Visible Tattoos Wedding Appropriate?

Tattooed Bridesmaid - Are Visible Tattoos Wedding Appropriate?black t shirt

It’s wedding season again; I blinked my eyes and now it’s here. Over the past few wedding seasons, wedding forum questions related to visible tattoos on bridesmaids have increased significantly. Many of the forum questions were from either: a) the concerned bridesmaid, wondering if she should cover her own tattoos during the wedding or b) the bride desperately wanting her bridesmaids’ tattoos concealed.

Whether you are in the pittsburgh pirates hawaiian shirt of A or B, you are not alone. According to a January 2008 Harris Interactive Poll, 32% of U.S. adults age 25-29 have at least one tattoo. With the average age of a first marriage in the U.S around 25-28 years of age, a visible tattoo may be affecting the dynamics of your upcoming wedding.

You are the bridesmaid

If you are the concerned bridesmaid, it’s fantastic that you are open to concealing your tattoo for your friend’s wedding day. Horror stories abound illustrating passive aggressive brides who never speak directly to the bridesmaid about covering visible tattoos, yet simply opt to air brush the tattoos out of the wedding photos. Imagine what the bridesmaid must think when she finds herself staring at unrecognizable photos of herself right after the wedding.

The best way to gauge the bride’s opinion regarding your tattoo is to ask her. Open up the dialogue, ask what the bride’s preference is and be open to what she says. Tattoos are every bit a part of you and the bride definitely understands what your ink represents. But, for this one day, turn the conversation to what your friendship represents and how you would do anything for the bride; the friend you are seeing off into marriage.

You are the bride

Quite possibly you are the the bride-to-be, distressing over your maid-of-honor’s sleeve tattoo ruining your wedding photos. Relax, you can handle the no-tattoo chat with your friend; if you have a tactful plan:

1) Be fair. Think about your wedding party, are you going to ask all of the members to cover their tattoos too? Better yet, are you covering your own tattoos? If yes, carry on. If no, think about why you are asking your friend to cover her tattoo. Is there something within the tattoo that specifically offends you? Possibly a topless Betty Paige? If you are not going to ask the other members of the bridal party to cover up, then you need to tactfully convey your message to the bridesmaid in question.

2) Tell your bridesmaid that you know how important the tattoo is to her.

3) Come up with a plan. Will a shawl cover the tattoo for the wedding? Or will you purchase a tattoo cover up product such as Tattoo Camo ( With either option, go online and take care of the purchase for your friend. We learned about Tattoo Camo through a study conducted by Joan Kneller, a woman embarking on her 2nd marriage with her ex husband’s name still tattooed on her shoulder! You can read all about Joan’s experience at

How to conceal tattoos with cover up

How do you cover up a tattoo with make-up? The make-up experts recommend that you purchase two shades of tattoo makeup, one lighter and one a tad darker than your skin tone. Start with the darker shade and briefly go over the bulk of the tattoo, then take the lighter shade and blend into the darker. Set with powder and you are good to go. Good luck and enjoy the wedding!

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