Teaching In Abu Dhabi? What To Bring From Home To Make Life Easier Both In And Out Of The Classroom

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If you’re an experienced teacher who’s looking to make a major career change by teaching in Abu Dhabi, you’re probably wondering just what you should pack. If you’ve found a job through a placement agency, ask your contact for a list of things to bring. He or she will probably have some excellent ideas on what you might need and what you can leave at home. Use their suggestions and the following dos and don’ts to come up with your own packing list before you leave home.

What To Bring When Teaching In Abu Dhabi: Special Classroom Supplies

If you have specific supplies that you can’t live without, it might be a good idea to bring them along. For instance, some teachers like to use a specific filing system, with in and out trays, to keep track of student work, or others could use zip ties to keep desks grouped together, even when little bodies are trying their best to wiggle away.

Other teachers like to bring their own bulletin board supplies, especially letters and posters, stickers and stamps for their students and even a full supply of markers. If you have a favorite brand of product that you can’t live without, such as a certain brand of dry erase markers, consider bringing a small stash from home so that you won’t run out anytime soon!

What To Leave At Home: Winter Clothing

You won’t need snow boots and heavy jackets when you’re teaching in Abu Dhabi! Leave these heavy items at home and plan to pack lighter weight clothing and shoes instead. While Abu Dhabi is a more Westernized city, it’s still a good idea to pack mostly modest clothing so leave the low cut tops and booty shorts at home! If you must wear them, you can, but you may attract some negative attention so most visitors to the city choose to dress on the modest side.

Although you won’t need winter coats, it’s still a good idea to pack a few warmer items like lightweight sweaters. Although you probably won’t need them outdoors, the air conditioning will likely be on full-blast during the hot summers so it’s easy to catch a chill when you’re inside.

What To Bring When Teaching In Abu Dhabi: Books

No matter what age you’re teaching in Abu Dhabi, you’re going to want to have books for your students to read. Even adults who are just starting to learn English can take advantage of children’s storybooks. Look for favorite chapter books that readers of any age can appreciate like Charlotte’s Web, Little House on the Prairie, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and the Harry Potter series. Students who are reading at a more basic level can start with baby board books that have pictures of each word. Although students may feel silly about reading baby books, it’s an excellent way to connect words with their meanings.

When you’re teaching in Abu Dhabi, you’ll definitely notice some differences. However, the experience can be one that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Before you pack up and move, take a critical look at what you’re planning on bringing so that you take only the essentials and leave the extras at home. After all, leaving a little room in your suitcase leaves space for all the souvenirs that you’re sure to bring home once your teaching job is over.

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