Teatowel Hangers – Free sewing patterns



Fabric: cotton, large print, 20cm x 25cm; small print, 15cm x 20cm Tea towel, plainPress stud or hook and loop tape coinSewing thread, matching Ric rac, 40cm Button

Dimensions List

Custom sized

Stitch a teatowel hanger

Download the templates. Cut two main parts from a large floral print fabric and two tabs from a smaller pattern. With right sides facing, pin the two together along the straight ends and machine stitch with a 6mm seam allowance. Press the allowance towards the main part. Fix the two parts of a press stud or hook and loop tape to the right side of one piece, in the positions marked. This will be the front.

Pin the front and back pieces together with right sides facing and machine stitch with a 6mm seam allowance. Trim the curves and press back a 1cm turning along the bottom opening. Turn right side out. Starting at the centre back, tack ric rac inside the edge so that a row of curves peek out from behind the turning. Machine stitch close to the fold.

Fold and pin a series of pleats along one short edge of the tea towel, adjusting them until they are the same width as the holder. Machine stitch in place and trim off the top hem. Slot the holder over the raw edges and pin in place. Machine stitch through all the layers, 4mm from the folded edge. Finish off by sewing a button to the front of the tab.