Teflon Sewing Foot {Non-stick foot} Guide

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The Teflon sewing foot (also called a non-stick sewing foot) gives out toe-tapping good vibes as it runs across all sorts of tricky and sticky fabrics.  This sewing machine foot is a ‘must-have’ for the adventurous and stress-free sewer.

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Teflon Sewing Foot

What is a Teflon Sewing Foot?

The Teflon non-stick foot resembles a normal presser foot in shape but it is coated with or entirely made from Teflon. Teflon is the coating used in non-stick frying pans to prevent sticking. The Teflon coated foot snaps or screws onto the shaft of the machine taking the place of the all-purpose presser foot.

Using a teflon sewing footUsing a teflon sewing footPinUsing a Teflon Sewing Foot for Leather

What is it Used For?

The Teflon sewing foot is used to sew over leather, vinyl, plastics, Lycra and other fabrics that could stick, slip or slide under a normal presser foot.  The Teflon foot is able to secure these tricky fabrics and help the sewing process go smoothly.

It will magically help with skipped stitches and uneven stitches. Uneven stitches are often caused by the bottom of a regular foot dragging on the fabric.

A Teflon foot is a must have if you are sewing leotards or sewing leather.

Brands of Teflon Sewing Foot

Find out which Teflon sewing foot is best suited to your machine.  Some machines, Bernina for example, have a number of other Teflon coated attachments.   A Teflon coated Zigzag foot, a Teflon coated zipper foot and an open toe Teflon coated sliding foot. 

There is a lot of after-market, generic brands of Teflon feet and I`ve always found them to work just as well as the official Janome ones for my machine. The generic ones jut tend to be an all-purpose foot that can be used for straight stitching and zig-zag.

One thing I have noticed is that over time the Teflon feet wear and get a lot of scratches so eventually do need replacing. They also get quite a lot of gouges on the sides where the needle has accidentally hit when sewing thick fabrics like leather.

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Teflon Sewing Foot – In Conclusion

Investing in a Teflon coated foot is going to revolutionize your approach to sewing tricky fabrics. The Teflon sewing foot will definitely contribute to the footloose and fancy-free feeling you will have sewing fabrics with a smooth, sticky or slippery texture.

Don`t forget that if you are sewing leather, vinyl, Lycra, Spandex or other tricky fabric, then you don`t just need a Teflon sewing foot but the right needles. The needles and foot in combination will minimize skipped and uneven stitches.

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