Ten Office Holiday Party Invitations and Planning Dos and Don’ts

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Before your party planning committee sends out corporate holiday party invitations and decks the halls, there are plenty of stationery to-dos on your list. Perhaps even more important than the things you should do at your holiday office party are the number of things you absolutely should not do at your holiday office party-this simple list will make it easy for you to have a blast at your company party without blasting off to unemployment.

DO choose a business Christmas party invitation with the appropriate theme and tone for the occasion.

DON’T ask on the company holiday party invitations that people bring their own libations.

DO use corporate holiday party invites to encourage guests to wear their dancing shoes.

DON’T encourage guests to dance on tables, chairs, desks or each other’s toes.

DO remember to include an RSVP deadline on corporate holiday party invitations.

DON’T list your boss’s home phone number on the business holiday party invitations and then tell guests to call “anytime, day or night!”

DO remind guests to bring gifts for a secret Santa exchange.

DON’T request cash “donations” in exchange for invitations to the business holiday party.

DO note on your corporate holiday party invitations. that families are welcome to attend.

DON’T demand on the company holiday party invitation that available attendees line up to meet you under the mistletoe.

Following this simple list of corporate holiday party invitation dos and don’ts will make this year your time to shine at the top of your game as a stationery savvy superstar! Now, if you can just try not to accidentally light the tablecloth on fire again this year.

write by Jocelyn

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